To English 10

I am so excited for this school year!

English 10 covers a wide range of material throughout the course of the year including but not limited to: poetry, non-fiction, short stories, expository & persuasive writing, as well as the reading and comprehension of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, and Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. This class will be largely discussion based, making class participation mandatory. There will also be a daily journaling requirement of the students covering topics related to reading material. Passing this course is a requirement to graduate so it is important to stay on track with the schedule for this class. I truly hope you find enjoyment in the course and challenge yourself to exceed the expectation I have for you.

Classroom Policies

Cell Phones

With the growing emphasis on technology in the world around us, it only makes sense to allow the technology of cell phones in the classroom. Phones may be out and placed on desks with volume turned off. Students will be required to act respectfully by not being on their phone during lectures, student presentations, classroom discussion, or group work. Should cell phone usage become a distraction for the student, they will need to be place at the front of the classroom until the end of class.

Absence Policy

Should you miss class for any reason, it is your responsibility to make up any and all class work. Missing assignments will be placed in an absence folder and will need to be completed and submitted by the following class period to avoid late penalty.

Tardy Policy

Millard West Policy states that upon the student's third tardy, they will receive a referral resulting in a before or after school detention. Students need to be in their seat when the bells rings or they will be considered tardy.

Class Participation

Because the class is discussion based, class participation is mandatory and will be graded. Students are expected to have a positive attitude towards both the teacher and peers. Students are expected to contribute to class discussions to help add to a more fulfilling group study and experience of the text. Students should come to class prepared by having read the text, thought about the text, and have discussion questions prepared for the class.

Brooke Schluchter

My office hours are during 3rd period each day: 11:30 - 1:30. Students are and encouraged to come in for extra help before or after class. I am also available upon appointment. You can contact me through email or telephone.