Technology Class

Lineville Intermediate


  • When you use iMovie you can make projects.
  • In iMovie you can also add sound to your project such as your voice or theme music.
  • You can also upload pictures for your project and if you video taped in your photos you can upload them too.


  • When you use iTrailer you can use themes that is made for you.
  • You can save your trailers to your camera roll.
  • In iTrailer you can also change the title and subtitles to suit your trailer.

Haiku Deck

  • It is very helpful when you need to present a project.
  • It will look for pictures that suit your needs.
  • You can change the fonts and backgrounds of the slides.

Explain Everything

  • You can record your voice.
  • It allows you draw on the slides or type them.
  • In this app you can also add as many slides as you want.

Go Animate

  • You can make your characters do actions.
  • They can speak in different tones and languages.
  • On this website you can also choose your characters for your project.