Smartphones and Video Walls

Hannah Munro; English III; Coach Belcher; Per. 6

The use of technology in American classrooms today and their influences

The influence of modern technology on students in schools and universities is forever growing and changing. There are several different, specific ways that these new technologies can impact these students education every day.

LCD Video Walls in the Classroom:

A new technology invention is a tilted, high definition LCD video wall. These systems deliver high –impact video presentations.Video walls are made to display incredible resolution which allows the students to view subjects in more detail. They can come from many sources, including computers, DVD players, media players, tablets, cable, internet and more.Video walls will help students in large classrooms to better grasp information and work more efficiently.

The Use of Smartphones and Laptops: Pros and Cons

Teachers in the United States are looking ahead to more advanced technology to deliver the curricular message.

Teachers have an especially important role in technological advancements, as incorporating technology in the classroom can be both a learning tool for students and and a teaching tool for the instructor. Technology will help facilitate classroom learning and will interconnect schools and universities that allow a greater number of students to take part in a more progressive learning environment.


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