History of a Reader

The timeline of an excessive reader


My parents would read stories to me, ones like the different Dr.Seuss books. During this time, I never really liked reading.


I grew out of the little kids books, and my parents started reading me the Grimm Brothers fairy tales. Still, I disliked reading greatly.

Late 2006-2007

I had gotten more into reading, thanks to a reading challenge my teacher gave the class, reading the Magic Tree House series.

Late 2007-2008

I began disliking reading again, do to my teacher pummeling me with assigned books to read, one terrible novel after another.

Late 2008-2009

Finally, I had got into reading, starting with being recommended the Warriors series.


I begin reading Mangas, Japanese comic books, starting with the Fullmetal Alchemist series.


I read excessively, now reading and writing on a site called Wattpad.com under the username SapphireDragonHeart.