Week of April 4th-8th

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~Shout out to our 4th and 5th grade teachers plus all who helped out with STAAR testing last week! Our first round is "in the books" and went off smoothly. Shout out to Bobby for organizing, and everyone for being flexible while we altered schedules, pulled people for testing, and basically shut down the normal functions of the school!! Only one more round this year!! We can make it!

~ Dr. Chadwell is here tomorrow, so we will not have warm up Wednesday tomorrow. You may wear warm ups on Thursday this week instead. He is scheduled to be on campus at 1:00 tomorrow!

~ The district is going to offer summer school this year for students in grades 2-5 who would fail (end of year average) due to grades. After getting more clarification, it looks as though this will be an option for students who we feel would benefit. This is not something that will have a high number of attendees, as it's only a way to ensure they are promoted to the next grade level due to failing grades, since we all know that retention is not an effective method to improvement. If you have students who you think are going to qualify, please send me their names. Again, this is ONLY going to be allowed for students who would fail at the end of the year. Even then, it is not guaranteed they can attend, but it might be an option.

~Remember, we will not have clubs this Friday, due to the Kg Transportation Parade. This is something you won't want to miss!! This will start at 2:00 on Friday, and they will be circling around the building outside, so classes can sit outside in the front and along the side (bus lane area) to cheer them on as they walk by.

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~ If your observation has been completed, you may complete the TSR Part II and III. That is due next Thursday, April 14th. If you have not had your observation yet, we are TRYING really hard to get those completed THIS WEEK!

~ Teacher of the Year Committee, we will meet today after school in the conference room. Thank you to those who volunteered.

~ Remember, that the PRIDE Posse tally sheets STARTED OVER for the 2nd semester. This is to give more kids the chance to earn the PRIDE POSSE party, if they did not earn it the first time. We will have the 2nd party at the end of May after testing is completed.

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Words of the Week

Kg: IDENTICAL- exactly alike or the same

1st: CANDID- honest, open, and straightforward

2nd: ENIGMA- something hard to understand or explain

3rd: JUSTIFY- to prove or show to be reasonable

4th:CLASSIFY- to arrange or organize

5th:PREVARICATE-to tell a lie, speak falsely, or evade the truth

Here is a link to the vocabulary S'more that has online practice for the words. There are Quizlet practice sets that include both basic as well as challenging. These are already done for you, so all you have to do is get the students to click the link!

Don't forget to turn in the "Word-Up" Level forms!! The kids love it when they come down and receive their "word up" tags! We had one 3rd grader get both Vocaber AND Word Wizard because of her outstanding use of the words in her writing!!

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Wednesday, April 6th: ( No Warm Up Wednesday today)

Dr Chadwell on campus @ 1:00

Thursday, April 7th:

4th Grade Field Trip

Friday, April 8th:

Kg Transportation Parade @ 2:00

Tuesday, April 12th:

Kori off campus beginning at 8:30 at Aspire Meeting

Thursday, April 14th:

TSR Part II and III due

Wednesday, April 20th:

Debbie Diffie here at 8:00 for SS walkthroughs

Thursday, April 21st:

Kori off campus at DLT meeting

Friday, April 22nd:

Last day for clubs

Kindergarten Field Trip

Tuesday, April 26th:

Kori and Bobby off campus (along with Kg and 1st) at LIINK Training

Wednesday, April 27th:

Kori/Bobby off campus from 9:00-11:00 at Emergency Response Training

Thursday, April 28th:

Kori off campus at LEAD Meeting

Friday, April 29th:

World's Finest Chocolate Fun Day (morning)

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