2/27 Notes

Natalie Ramirez Kelsey Jeffrey Sarah Weaver Erin Pinkham

Why go to War?

  • competition
  • safety of our country
  • threats
  • help other countries
  • if we are attacked

Should we draft soldiers?

No, because everyone should have their own say in going to war. We should not have to force anyone, and if no one wanted to volunteer than there should be no reason to go to war.

To avoid War?

  • expenses
  • death
  • wasting our resources
  • finding soldiers
  • keep our allies
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Which wars are just or unjust?


  • American Revolution: we were treated very unfairly
  • Texas Revolution: texas wanted freedom and change, but were treated unfairly
  • World War II: the result of Pearl Harbor bombing
  • Civil War: the disagreements within our own country needed to be resolved
  • War On Terror: 9/11 caused us to go to war
  • Gulf War: we needed to protect our shores
  • World War I: assisting Europe

  • War of 1812: it wasn't necessary because we didn't need to take over the other countries
  • Mexican American War: wanted Texas
  • Red Rivers War: arguement over the rivers for the Natives
  • Vietnam War: the only reason we fought to attempt to solve communism
  • Korean War: it was not necessary to get involved

World War I


World War I started when Austria declared war on Serbia. It was supposed to be a very small war but it ended up involving multiple others because various European countries has treaties to protect each other. It was more of an obligation. During this war they used trench warfare and machine guns to defend themselves. Britain, at the time was the top country. Germany wanted to take control but was not able to because they were too weak. Germany sent a letter to Mexico telling them to join saying that they could work together to destroy the US, but Mexico didn't want too. The US eventually found out, therefore going to war.