Grown Ups 3

A trip into the past


Lenny- Adam Sandler

Eric- Kevin James

Marcus- David Spade

Kirt- Chris Rock

Officer Fluzoo- Shaquille O'nei

Young Lenny- Andy Samberg

Young Kirt- Tyler William

Young Eric- Taylor Gray

Young Marcus- Aaron Johnson

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Adam Sandler is one of the protagonists in this movie. He gets in a fight with his past self and goes on a journey to find his fraternity to stop him from his past actions.
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David Spade is another one of the protagonists in this movie. His past self has done some crazy things back in the day and he happens to find a pill that transports your conscious into your younger self in whatever time you chose.
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Chris Rock plays a special part in Grown Ups 3, he is the protagonist and antagonist. His younger self was very evil and he grew up in a place where people do drug deals and sells other illegal substances. He is both pro and antagonist because his younger self did the most illegal thing you could do...
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Kevin James is a protagonist with a soft side back then. He was always kind and even helped the grown ups stop the younger adults from doing anything bad.


The grown ups find them selves in a serious situation, they all can't decide if they should go on vacay or sleep on the ground with a blanket over them. They decided on camping cause they wanted to spend more time with their kids. They were to glued to their phones so when they even looked at any thing using electricity they would be grounded. They find pills not knowing that they were very tipsy they swallowed them whole. They found them selves in the year of 1979 the year they got arrested. And then they finally meet there younger selves.