Canada in 2060

what canada well be like in 2060

What Canada will look like in 2060

i think from until ten or fiveten years technology well improve alot and people well be so happy ,Also people well be coming from different countrys like italy and other country


Canada welcomes about 250,000 immigrants each year
I think the population well increase because in other country 's there are a lot of wars so people well be forest to leave there country and come to Canada other people well go to other country 's .

brith rate is 10.29

the birth rate well decrease because more people want less children because children need more care and need more money and there parents can't afford the care and the money
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death rate is 8.31

I think that the death rate well decrease because people in Canada take really good care of themselves, and also because Canada has really good health care.
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reasons why people immigrate to Canada

reasons why people come to Canada is there are good health care and there are good education also there are good living conditions .

canada well look like in 2060

canada well look like in 2060 it well change alot in my opinion because a every thing well change and canada well be more popular and alot of people well be coming different countries also i think canada well be more popular than america and maybe other thing well be coming to canada .
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brith rate 22,900,000 resuIts

I think that is to high number but i think parents will take a choice that they well not bring allot of children because they don't have alot of money to sprnd on there children ,but some parents choose to have alot of children because they have alot of money but other people don't have alot of money so they choose to have one or maximum three children .
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death rate 71,300,000 resuIts

I think in the past alot of people died because there were not alot of surgeries or medicines that can help people to live also maybe people didn't care about there self so they died so fast but now in 2015 there are surgeries and medicines also docters that can help people live longer also people took care more about there self and that is good .
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there have been strides made on the part of many aboriginal communities to improve education education around heath issues,but despite these improvements,aborignal people remain at higher risk for illness and earlier death non-aboriginal people.chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are on the increase.there are definite links between income,social factors and health. there is a higher rate of respiratory problems and other infectious-diseases among aboriginal children than among non-aboriginal children-inadequate housing and crowded liveing conditions are contributing factors.