Heat Resistant Gloves

Ideal for Inside Oven Cooking or Outside Bbq Grilling!

Bare Hands vs. Gloves – What Would You Choose?

Believe restaurant cooks and culinary workers are the only people who should use oven gloves? Well, not anymore. The food environment has changed even for domestic cooks. Whether you cook for restaurant guests or your family and friends, it is imperative to take the right precautionary measures while handling food.

You, like many individuals, might think that kitchen gloves tend to make you a little clumsy and uncomfortable. However, wearing cooking mitts while handling food ensure better sanitary conditions than using bare hands. Quality, durable oven gloves are the key to proper hygiene techniques.

Why Go For Cooking Gloves?

According to different studies, a vast majority of food related illnesses are the direct result of unhygienic food. If you think the food you prepare in your home is more hygienic than the one prepared in public settings, then think again. You may use fresh, natural ingredients in your favorite dish, but your hands can transmit millions of unseen bacteria and germs to your meal.

Above all, it is quite difficult to handle hot food and dishes using bare hands. If you want to avoid burns, cuts, or other injuries, consider opting for a versatile, well-made heat resistant glove.

Distinguishing Features

Oven mitts can certainly help you avoid food contamination. Make sure to use these silicone products efficiently to minimize food poisoning incidents. No matter how clean they appear, your hands carry innumerable microorganisms, including food poisoning bacteria and flu or cold viruses. Kitchen gloves can keep these germs away from your utensils, dishes, and food.

Don’t want to take your ring off while cooking, grilling, or baking? Slip your cooking gloves on as they will keep your rings and fingernails absolutely safe.

Have a rash, sore, or cut on your hands or fingers? Wear flexible silicone heat resistant gloves to protect your injury as well as food.

Kinds of Kitchen Gloves

Though varied types of gloves can be used for kitchen tasks, choose the one that fits you perfectly and offers you great security features. For instance, it should be heat resistant, waterproof, stain resistant, and easy to clean.

Various kinds of gloves are currently available in the market for varied cooking situations. Take a look at the following forms of gloves that are commonly used in different restaurants and homes:

Latex Gloves

These mitts not only fit a hand properly, but also conform to its shape. They are exclusively designed for cooking activities that demand extreme fingertip sensitivity.

Vinyl Gloves

These close-fitting gloves ensure durability for longer periods. You can use vinyl gloves for medium-duty kitchen tasks.

Synthetic Gloves

If latex gloves cause you rashes and other skin problems, consider using synthetic gloves for your cooking and grilling. Having the same protective characteristics, they keep you safe from different allergies.

Opt for the right BBQ gloves to enjoy cooking, grilling, or baking your favorite meals in your kitchen, patio, or any other outdoor cooking venue. Handle hot utensils and grab hot foods like a pro.