By:Kalvin Ballon

All about Jumper

This story first talks about a young boy who lives a normal life until one day he finds out something amazing about himself. He finds out he has the power to teleport. What he does with this power leads to amazing things and dire consequences.

All the main characters

David Rice-main protagonist, learns he has the power to teleportMillie Harrison-David's girlfriendMary Niles-David's motherCarl Rice-David's abusive fatherBrian cox-an NSA agent who attempts to capture David for his powersRashid Matar-terrorist who is responsible for Mary's death 


1. David has an abusive father who made his mother leave them. 2. David needs a job but doesnt know how to get one 3. the NSA has kidnapped everyone dear to david and he need to get them back safe

David Rice

David Rice is the main character of "Jumper". One of the quotes in the novel said by David describing himself was "I am not the biggest person or the fastest but i do have a very special talent." (physical apperance). Millie says "You are crazy! A complete lunatic is what you are."(behavior)
Jumper Official Movie Trailer