Objective: Describe step-by-step how a tornado forms

What's a Tornado?

A tornado is a destructive,rotating column of air that has a very high wind speeds and maybe visible as a funnel-shaped cloud.

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How do you form a Tornado?

What scale do you use to measure a tornado?

The scale to measure a tornado is called a Fujita scale it was developed by Dr. Theodore Fujita to classify tornadoes based on the wind damage. FO is for the weakest and F5 for strongest tornadoes

Tornado Alley

A Tornado Alley is where most frequent tornadoes occur. It is in the middle of the United States,between the Rocky Mountains & the Appalachian Mountains. It contains the following states; Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois. Spring season is the most famous season because its needs moisture to feed their parent thunderstorms and the instability with Spring and Summer warming. It also happens most in the United States, Europe, and South East Asia.

Shawnee, Oklahoma & Moore, Oklahoma

Shawnee, Oklahoma is a city in Pottawatomle Country its total land is up too 4 w.3 sq mi. And it's 45 minutes east of the attractions in downtown Oklahoma. Moore, Oklahoma is in the Cleveland Country and its total land is 21.7 sq mi. Moore Tornando was 1.3 miles wide, the estimated peak wind was ranged from 200 to 210 mph almost a EF5 the strongest. 2,400 homes were damaged, then 34,000 retained without electricity Tuesday night. Officials say that the storm killed 27 people, 9 of the were kids from Plaza Towers Elementary that drowned in the basement. From all this damage, the insurance claims will likely top $1 billion.

Moore, Oklahoma is a city in Cleveland Country. Moore tornado was 1.3 miles wide and 17 miles long. The damage in Moore is around 2 billion dollar to repair, 120 homes were blown/damaged by the tornado. 300 people have gotten injured from this disaster and this EFS winds exceeds 320 kilometers per hour.


To state my conclusion, about the Tornado Alley is that they should move out from there during that Tornado season, like really. Tornadoes are just terrifying. Getting into that dust devil. Well, I feel really had for the people that died and the areas that got destroyed. Those 20 children that got killed at the Elementary School... But, just remember to watch out where you live at. If they could have some gigantic natural disasters.
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5/20/13 Moore, OK EF-5 Tornado