Points of Pride

October 26, 2018

Food for Thought


This week during my coaching days I went around to classes and asked students what they were learning about. Please know that this list is not exhaustive. Check out some of these responses:

  • Eryn Washington: I asked student what they are learning about and he said “Right now we are learning about adding fractions.”
  • Heather Benedetti: I asked student what he was learning about and he said: “We are learning about two digit numbers by two digit numbers.”
  • Kimberly Myers-Nuzum: I asked student what they worked on in math today, and he said “math mountains.” I asked him “what do math mountains do?” and he replied “They help us when we don’t know all the numbers.” He knew the objective and why it was relevant!
  • I am very thankful for having such a dedicated Intervention Team. We had our first meeting of the year. These ladies go above and beyond their contract time to ensure that all of our student's needs are being met.

Upcoming Events:

October 30: PBIS Committee Meeting @ 7:45

October 31: Halloween; 2:15 Release-PLC

November 1: GCU in the workroom @ 11:30

November 2: Fun Run @ 8:23; Fall Festival @ 5:00-8:00

November 6: Picture Make Ups @ 9:00

November 7: Intervention Team @ 7:30; 2:15 Release-Campus PD @ 2:30-4:00

November 8: Math Steering Committee @ 7:30; Veteran's Day program @ 9:00; 4th Grade to Town Hall @11:00; PTSO Meeting @ 6:00

November 9: First grade to Child's Play @ 9:00-2:00; Field Day for grades 3-5 @ 9:30-11:00; Cookie Dough Silly String Battle @ 2:45

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