Civil rights leaders

By, Bryanna Garard

Who they were

Martin Luther King Jr. was a minister of a baptist church. He was elected the leader of the Montgomery improvement association. He became the leader of the SCLC. The stood for nonviolence action and took part in many activities that were nonviolence such as sit-ins and marches.

Malcolm X was a Muslim minister. He thought tat revolutions aren't getting an organization to accept you, it was to change the organization. He didn't like the idea of nonviolence and thought that that was taking away their rights.

Stokely Carmichael was the head of the SNCC in 1966. He also did not like the idea of nonviolence so he took that away from the SNCC. He came up with the saying "Black Power". It meant African Americans dependence on themselves to solve problems. He wasn't focused on integration, he wanted political and economic power.

Compared and contrasted

Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael had similar views. They both did not like the idea of nonviolence and practiced violent reactions. They both thought that they needed to be able to defend themselves and solve their own problems.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s views were the opposite. He wanted to do things that were nonviolent. He wrote " there is more power in socially organized masses... Than there is in guns in the hands of a few desperate men."

Ratings 1-5

Martin Luther King Jr. - I would give Him a 5 because there were so many people that followed him and believed in him. He was a great speaker and had great ideas. He also got many people involved in the civil rights movement.

Malcolm X - I would give him a 4 because he gained many follows that believed in him. He also got more people to join the movement but o think that the violence didn't help very much.

Stokely Carmichael - I would give him a 4 because he too did gain followers and got more people involved. He came up with black power that got people excited about the movement but once again, I don't think the the violent reactions helped.