Poetry Online

Examples of print poems can be found in the library in section 811,

or search the library catalog here for more print choices.


Lit Finder Database

Use the Gale Database

  1. Click Lit Finder at the bottom
  2. uncheck all
  3. enter a search term (poem, poet, subject...)
  4. highlight poem under type of work
  5. click search.
  6. You can limit by subtopic on the left.

To access from home, log in to Mackin Via with your ID and birthdate and choose Lit Finder.

Ebrary (ebook collection)

Go to Ebrary.

  1. Login with your ID and birthdate.
  2. Choose Language and Literature.
  3. Do a simple search for "poetry" or use poem titles or poet names as search terms.
  4. Narrow choices using the checkboxes below the search box if necessary.
  5. Search within the book to save time.
  6. Anything you copy/paste to a word document will be automatically cited.

OverDrive Classic Titles

Certain public domain titles are available in unlimited quantities from OverDrive. You can download these to your devices or read them on your computer. You don't have to check them out, so once you download them you have them forever. Free!

Here's how:

  1. Visit our OverDrive site.
  2. Type your student ID number.
  3. Click "Explore" at the top and choose "Classic Ebooks".
  4. Under Browse Subjects, choose "Poetry".
  5. Download to a device or read on your computer.