Cornerstone's Weekend Update

May 20, 2016


The Young Adult Group is having a bonfire/BBQ on Friday, May 20 at 6:00 pm. We will finish the study on “Letters to the Exile” this Friday and then have a bonfire. So meet in the church at 6:00 and after the discussion, we’ll go behind the church to roast brats and marshmallows. Brats, buns, condiments, s ‘more stuff, and baked beans will be provided. Feel free to bring an additional side dish, or just bring yourself!

The CTT Children’s Ministry Team will meet on Thursday, May 26, at 6 pm. Meal and child care provided.

Help save lives by giving blood at our Blood Drive on Friday, June 10, from 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm. Make an appointment at and use sponsor code cornerstoneumc to find our drive.


Food Pantry Needs for May: Canned sloppy joe mix (Manwich) & canned pasta sauce. Please no glass containers!

Volunteers needed for the MS Challenge Walk!

We have been asked to be a part of this years MS Challenge Walk. Cornerstone UMC will be hosting a rest stop on Saturday, June 4th and Sunday, June 5th along the walk being held at St. Charles County Community College in St. Peters and we need volunteers to help at the rest stop. Mike and Karen Potts are helping to organize this event and will be working to set up shifts for those of you who sign up to volunteer.

Maybe you can't volunteer but want to help in some way - we are also looking for donations of oranges and trail mix to be placed into baggies with a Cornerstone sticker on them to give out at our rest stop. Please bring these donations to the church no later than June 2, 2016.

If you would like to help with this awesome event you can register at the link below. Be sure to fill in the church's name: "Cornerstone UMC" on the line where it asks if you are volunteering as part of a group. And be sure that you mark "Rest Stop" on the area that you are interested in volunteering in.

The link to register online is:

If you have questions, please contact Dawn Gerard at

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A Note from Dr. Mike

Cornerstone Offerings: A How-To

Your financial offerings to Cornerstone are crucial to the success and excellence of this seven-day a week ministry. Thank you for your continued, consistent, generous support of this ministry for Christ.

It’s important for you to do a few things in order to make it easier for us to keep track of your contributions and make sure we know to what you’re contributing.

First, make sure you’re writing out your check accurately, especially using the correct date on the check. I know it sounds silly, but it’s easy to be distracted and write out the wrong month, day, or year. Also, please make sure you make your check payable to Cornerstone UMC & sign the check.

Second, please use an offering envelope. We use offering envelopes in our record keeping to make sure contributions are attributed to the right person or family. Your offering envelopes have a number unique to you that we use to keep track of your financial contributions. Also, the offering envelopes have a place for the total contribution you’re making, as well as a breakdown of where you want that money to go. For example, you might write a check for $200. That’s the amount that would be written in the total. Then you might want $75 to go to our Building Fund, so you’d write that on the envelope. And you might want the remainder to go to the Budget, so you’d write $125 on that line. The offering envelopes also have a place for you to designate other funds or special offering gifts.

These simple steps help our offering Counting Committee and our Financial Secretary know how to record and keep track of your gifts. Again, thank you for your ongoing,

faithful support of your church.

Dr. Mike

Community Bulletin Board

For groups to post their upcoming events, fundraisers, etc. Just send a .jpg (picture) of your event to Stacy in the church office and we'll get it posted on the website. All items will be checked for content & approved by the office before they will be posted. For questions, please contact the office at 636-379-5334. To see our community bulletin board, click here:

Fundraising Guidelines

We get requests weekly to either have fundraising events at the church or advertise fundraisers through the church publications. The Finance Team and Pastor are asking that every fundraising event, whether for a Cornerstone ministry, or for an outside organization, be approved by them. Simply contact the church office and fill out a fundraiser event request form. Thank you for your cooperation.


  • Kevin Sr., Kevin Jr., Max, Ted & Faith Knocke - on the death of mother/grandmother, Lois Glaser
  • Jamie Tunnison - daughter of friend of Joe & Lynn Rolen - colon cancer
  • Barry Morrison - coworker of John Hodge - recovering from surgery

On Going Requests

Vernon Bauer, Michelle Boyer, Paula Ford, Janet Gillen, TJ Hartnett, Robin Hays, Debbie Howell, Alec Ingram, Kurt Kenel, Jen Lehnhoff, Kenny Martin, Lavern McLane, Doris Mollet, Jean Rapert, Brad Reed, Julie Rodriguez, Jim Seifter, Shirley Spradley, Vurn Stilgenbauer, The Homeless, The Unemployed, All Military Personnel, POW’s & MIA’s, Our covenant church in the Funhalouro Village In Mozambique, The persecuted church & Christians all over the world, All Military Personnel who suffer from PTSD


Sunday 5/22

9:00 am Traditional Service

9:00 am Connections Class

9:00 am Youth Sunday School

9:00 am Children’s Classes

10:30 am Contemporary Service

11:30 am Praise Team Practice

Monday, 5/23

Tuesday, 5/24

9:15 am Preschool Spring Program

1:00 pm OLIO Bible Study

7:00 pm Choir

Wednesday, 5/25

9:30 am Food Pantry

6:00 pm Preschool Graduation

7:00 pm Twin Oaks

Thursday, 5/26

5:30 pm TOPS Group

6:00 pm Circle of Companions

6:00 pm CTT Children’s Ministry Meeting

7:00 pm Building Committee

Friday, 5/27

7:00 pm Disciple 1

7:00 pm NA

You can see our monthly calendar by clicking here:


  • Pastor ~ Dr. Mike Gillen
  • Office Manager ~ Stacy McGlasson
  • Director of Discipleship & Communications ~ Dawn Gerard
  • Director of Students & Outreach ~ Greg Evans
  • Choir Director ~ Kerry Hartsoe
  • Preschool Director ~ Joann Markus
  • Custodian ~ Roger Campbell
  • Treasurer ~ Jon Woodrum
  • Media Director ~ Glenn Cadena
  • Accompanist ~ Dee Stilgenbauer
  • Accompanist ~ Joan Oliver