The Reformation

protestant reformation

what was the change ??

The reformation was a movement for religious reform. A cause of the reformation was because of indulgences. Indulgences were when priests were giving pardons for sins. There were corruptions going on in the Christian church that the popes were doing. Then a man by the name of Martin Luther spoke up about what was going on and he began his own teachings. That’s when Protestants or a non-Catholic Christianity rose. This is when the power of the pope decreased.

who was involved ?? :/

In the reformation the most important person that actually spoke up was Martin Luther. He made the 95 thesis in which he explained what was happening in the Christian church. October 31, 1517 he posted them on the castle church on. Guttenberg helped him spread the 95 thesis by inventing the printing press which helped Luther print copies and spread the word of the corruption that the pope were doing. After Martin Luther showed the problems Luther started to teach new things. For example he thought that the only thing you needed for salvation was faith in God, that church teachings should only be based on the bible, and finally that all people with faith were equal. His followers were called Lutherans. When Luther did this then the pope excommunicated Luther from the church. The pope started to lose power, so the increase of Protestants started. Guttenberg, the pope and Martin Luther were all involved in the reformation.

How did the change impact scociety at the time ?

At the time, it impacted the society because more people started to not believe the pope and started to follow Luther’s teachings. Also Luther translated the bible into German and that helped the people read and understand the bible. Because the bible was translated the people did not need the pope to tell them what they needed. Protestants increased so there were less people who followed the pope and went to the church. During this time society was full of Protestants.

In todays modern scociety....

The reformation affected today’s society in several ways. Since the reformation now days not everyone is a Christian that follow the pope. Now there are no corruptions going on in the church. There are many types of Christians with different teachings. Catholics now days are several but they are not the only ones since the reformation. Today now there are Baptist, Presbyterian, and Methodist. These are different types of Christians that rose since the reformation.