January 2015

Pathfinders are trail guides for research.

Path Finders

We have over 100 Pathfinders for students and teachers to use for projects. Pathfinders are mostly collections of resources designed for specific topics located on the HS Library webpage. Sometimes they are general resources for citing resources is different styles or Internet Library Guides. We create these for anyone that would like them for class research. The pathfinders also are designed to keep research out of the hands of Google and Wikipedia and into the arms of reliable, credible, and authoritative websites.



Pocket is an program that saves articles, blog posts, webpages, images, documents, and videos with a click of the mouse. It is book marking the content not just a webpage. It can be used to save information to review at a later time. The information can be seen offline in Web View.

· Log into google account

· Search:

· Click on Pocket then get

· Sign up with Google

· Click Accept put in password

· Click get started: Connect now

· Click ADD

· The Pocket Icon should appear in your browser

· You can start saving information there just by a right click

· Remember to tag your information with meaningful names

· You will need to install Pocket in your browser if you are using different computers.

Giveaway of the Day

Giveaway of the day.

“Welcome to Giveaway of the Day project, well established initiative in the software distribution world. Every day we offer for FREE licensed software you’d have to buy otherwise!”

This site offers basic programs and computer tips that are available to freely download for 24 hours. Each day I receive a product to try and download.

Tip: Visual Learners

Here is a site for more visual types of learners and can be used at all levels. Simply type in a word to see what happens.

Visuwords: Text dictionaries don't always give visual learners the explanations they need. This dictionary is graphically based, making it easy to see what concepts or ideas are represented.

Video of the Day

Permission by Davonne Pappas
"All About Those Books" MDIHS Library