Julia Tschosik Period 7

Uranus is made up of various ices like water ammonia and methane.

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Uranus's period of revolution is 84 years.

Uranus has 27 moons

Miranda, Ariel and Umbriel
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Uranus has 20 year long season

Uranus is about -350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Uranus rotation takes 17 hours and 14 minutes in Earth days.

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Uranus’ distance from the Sun is about 2.9 billion miles.

On Uranus I would weigh 88.9 pounds

Uranus has 13 rings

Planet Song for Kids/Solar System Song for Children/Uranus Song for Children

Uranus’ moons are named after characters created by William Shakespeare and Alaxander Pope:

Uranus is the 7 planet from the sun

Giant Exo-Uranus Discovered!

Uranus is the fourth largest planetary mass in the Solar System.