The Netherlands

by: Daekwon Norman

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The Netherlands has a pretty long history. This history includes being ruled by a corrupted king, Phillip II of Spain, being freed by Prince William of Orange, and to top things off being invaded by Germany in World War II - when Hitler was in town (Lambert). These are the only major things in Dutch history; the Netherlands has really been a safe place ever since, other than the little threats from terrorists and other countries. Today these people are well known because of their capital, Amsterdam.

Major Issues/Problems in the country/Crime

Problems in the Netherlands don’t happen very often, well anymore. Their government tends to keep things to themselves unless there is a tragedy occurring. Most problems are small crimes, such as pickpocketing, phone thefts, and breaking into unattended vehicles (OSAC). “In Amsterdam, thieves are very active in/around Centraal Station; Amsterdam Zuid station; tram stops near the red light district, restaurants, and hotels; and on trams between Centraal Station and the museum district” (


Located west of Germany, north of Belgium, and east of the North Sea, the Netherlands is a pretty well known place for it’s scenery. Typically when shown a picture of the Netherlands it is always old fashioned homes and/or a lot of water surrounding areas.

Religion Diversity

Just like in the States, religion in the Netherlands is extremely diverse. Some people are born into a religion, others find their own when they are capable of understanding, and to some religion doesn’t interest them at all. In the Netherlands 42% of people either have no interest in religion or just haven’t made their minds up for sure (Netherlands). There are about three major religions in this country; 30% of people are Roman Catholic, 20% of people are Protestant, and 6% of the people are Muslim (Netherlands). The final 2% of the people in this country are Other, which means it’s most likely a variety of other religions.

Fun Facts

  1. There are more than six hundred museums in this country.
  2. Capital is Amsterdam, which is also the most visited.
  3. Ranked 65th in population with 16,947,904 people.
  4. Their national language is Dutch, yet most citizens speak English just as good.
  5. The most popular sport in this country is Soccer, aka futbol.
  6. Most people like to refer to the country as Holland.