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April 2015

wRite of Passage

Writing Wednesdays for 8th graders are in full swing. Students have come to workshops in the IMC about writing "How-Tos" (explaining to readers how to do something connected to their topic) and resume writing. It is a productive environment where students can seek help from each other and the librarian in crafting writing pieces for their project. These writing experiences are also great preparation for both high school and future career readiness.
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Makerspaces have been cropping up in libraries all over the country, and for one week in April there was one at Edgewood! Students participated in craft and engineering projects during recess. Activities included duct tape creations, skewer catapults, and doodle bots. Scroll through the slide show below to catch a glimpse of all the fun and learning!

Free and Copyright Clear Video, Images and Audio

If you are looking for resources to use for a project or a lesson that are copyright free, check these out.

Moving Image Archive: Download free movies, films, and videos in a variety of formats.

Public Domain Review: Downloadable images, books, essays, audio, and films.

Free Music Archive: A curated site, whose mission is to provide free, high quality music.

SoundGator: Free sound effects.

Morgue File: Free stock photos that can be searched by category, size, color, and rating.

Pixaby: Free high resolution images.

Warning: These are free internet sources with thousands if not millions of files of content so all material might not be appropriate for middle schoolers.

Coming In May....

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Students are going to be voting for books or characters that are "most likely" to do things like:

  • surprise (good or bad)
  • wish for a sequel
  • be thankful it is just fiction

And more! Check out Mrs. Farrell's website for the complete list of superlatives!