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Karen's paper published in Nature!

Our own Karen Ambrose published a paper in Nature on the work she has done during her PhD on Epichloe and grasses. Congratulations Karen! If you would like a copy of the paper, please let me know so I can forward it to you.

Articles (click on the links below to be taken to the full article)

1. Seres Health: Investors Think This Company's Gut Bacteria Are Worth $1.9 Billion (Bloomberg)

2. Melody Bomgardner’s article mentioning Symbiota with quotes from Geoff & Ignacio. (Chemical & Engineering News)

3. Company using technology to help farmers battle drought (Fortune)

4. Despite much evidence that genetically modified organisms help make what we eat safer and healthier, more people are looking for food without them. (NY Times)

5. Almonds are not the enemy, and the water-use problem is not going to be fixed by Americans cutting back on them. (NY Times)

6. The rich array of microbiota in our intestines can tell us more than you might think. (NY Times)

7. Keep an eye on soy consumption, production prospects (Farmers Advance)

8. While we associate extravagant water use with swimming pools and verdant lawns, the biggest consumer is agriculture. (NY Times)

9. Recruiters from top firms often define merit in their own image (NY Times)


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