Whitney Wolves Weekly Update

9/25/20... Don't stop until you are proud!

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Principal's Message

Dear Caretakers:

Week three! The Eli Whitney Wolf Pack is leading the way to a great year! I-Ready Benchmark Assessments are well underway and students are doing their very best to show their teachers what they know about reading, writing and math.

School picture dates have been set for cohorts A and B. I am working closely with our sister-school to determine a possible date for students in cohort-D to have their school pictures taken. As soon as we can secure a date and site, I will post it in the newsletter and ask PTO to post it as well.

If you are still having technical issues and have visited all of our resources, please reach out to the office and we will try to troubleshoot your concerns.

Cohort A - 1st Fire Drill

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September 25, 2020

To: Eli Whitney Families- A- Cohort

From: Kate Flanaghan, Principal

RE: Fire Drill

Dear Whitney Families,

This morning, our school held a fire drill to help students and staff practice the safety procedures in the event that our building must be evacuated.

Our staff and students did a wonderful job of following our procedures. We appreciate your support with our safety procedures. As always, we strive to make safety our top priority.

Thank you.

Kate Flanaghan



This week in History...Courtesy of Brittanica.Com


The women's airspeed record is set at 292 mph by American pilot Jacqueline Cochran.

September 21, 1937
J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit is published
The book included pictures by the author and was so popular that its publisher asked for a sequel, resulting in The Lord of the Rings 17 years later.

September 25, 1957 The Little Rock 9 entered Central High School in a test case of Brown vs. Board of Ed.

September 25,1789 US Congress proposes the Bill of Rights