Jocelyn Vegter

Hard Working Professional: Jocelyn Vegter

Nature Lover: Jocelyn Vegter

Jocelyn Vegter, an accomplished IT professional, spends her free time enjoying nature and the wonders of the world. Jocelyn Vegter’s favorite pastimes include hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding. A testament to her love of nature, Jocelyn Vegter can be found out and about, exploring the world, when not hard at work in the IT industry. When not leading her professional team, Jocelyn Vegter enjoys nature and all its beauty, and spends time with friends exploring her surroundings.

Jocelyn Vegter’s Top 3 Reasons to Back Up Your Data

As communication in businesses have increasingly incorporated technology, it has become overwhelmingly important to back up your information in order to ensure it is protected. Jocelyn Vegter, a respected IT professional with over a decade of experience, urges individuals to regularly backup their data in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. Many people fail to back up their data because there is no immediate threat compromising its safety. Therefore, Jocelyn Vegter is providing her top three (forgotten) reasons to regularly backup your data.

Emergencies are just that. The majority of emergencies cannot be predicted, but when they occur require immediate attention. Jocelyn Vegter points out that one of the main reasons you should backup your data is to prevent damage from emergencies such as fires or floods. Jocelyn Vegter knows the most important concern is often the safety of other individuals. Only after the emergency do we remember that we failed to back up our data which results in lost information that can sometimes not be recovered.

Additionally, Jocelyn Vegter reminds readers that backing up data is a smart idea, especially where theft is concerned. As cases of identity theft are on the rise, it is increasingly important to be aware of the risks taken when putting your information into a digital space. Backing up your data, while it may not prevent theft, can at least safeguard against the loss of your sensitive information.

Lastly, Jocelyn Vegter points out that backing up your data can safeguard against the failure of a specific device. Cloud-based data can be access from a range of devices and is highly secure.

Grow Food at Home in 3 Easy Steps with Jocelyn Vegter

Jocelyn Vegter, an experienced IT professional, is an avid gardener that advocates the benefits of growing your own food. Even if you only plant a couple vegetables or herbs, Jocelyn Vegter knows that the process of growing food at home saves money, provides a great opportunity to involve the family in a project, and the resulting meals taste better.

Jocelyn Vegter points out that the first step in growing food at home is determining what space you have available to dedicate to the process. While some individuals live in apartments, and others houses, Jocelyn Vegter recommends realistically setting aside a section of your home to dedicate to gardening. Depending upon your chosen crop, Jocelyn Vegter adds that direct sunlight is generally a factor and should be considered making this decision.

Once your area is chosen, Jocelyn Vegter recommends deciding what you will grow. Many people opt to start with something small, like herbs or cherry tomatoes, until they develop their green thumb. It is important to read the directions on your seed package or do some quick internet research before breaking out the dirt. Jocelyn Vegter has experience growing different items and knows that directions can change based on the type of seed. As a bonus, freshly picked flowers straight from the garden are a great addition to the dinner table.

Lastly, Jocelyn Vegter reminds aspiring gardeners to be consistent. This is the most important factor in ensuring the success of your garden. Jocelyn Vegter recommends sending a reminder on your phone or the alarm clock to help get in the habit of gardening. Happy growing!

Top 3 Reasons to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle with Jocelyn Vegter

As an experienced IT professional, Jocelyn Vegter spends a lot of time in an office environment. Therefore, Jocelyn Vegter enjoys balancing this environment with a healthy, active lifestyle. Jocelyn Vegter believes that adopting a healthy lifestyle is an important part of growing personally and professionally. Listed here are Jocelyn Vegter’s top reasons to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

One of the best reasons to adopt a healthy lifestyle is to stay active and participate in adventures. In Jocelyn Vegter’s opinion, the best part about living is experiencing and learning new things. When not working, Jocelyn Vegter enjoys participating in outdoor activities like horseback riding, kayaking, and hiking. While participating in these fun and exciting adventures, Jocelyn Vegter is also staying physically fit.

Another reason to adopt a healthy lifestyle is to maintain a healthy weight. With good nutrition and exercise, Jocelyn Vegter knows you are that much closer to achieving overall good health. In addition, maintaining a healthy weight prevents obesity and reduces your risk of long-term illness. Jocelyn Vegter reminds readers that maintaining your weight includes the addition of fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water.

Overall, people who adopt a healthy lifestyle live longer, are happier, and are at reduced risk of experiencing a chronic illness. Many people in America struggle with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other medical issues that can be prevented by adopt a healthy lifestyle habits. Jocelyn Vegter believes that the most significant benefit of adopting a healthy lifestyle is improved energy, concentration, and motivation.

3 Must-Have Items for Your Camping Trip with Jocelyn Vegter

Camping is one of Jocelyn Vegter’s favorite pastimes. Camping provides individuals the opportunity to stay physically fit while experiencing nature and nurturing self-reliance. As an experienced camper, Jocelyn Vegter shares the most important items every camper should take on their adventure.

First, Jocelyn Vegter recommends bringing along plenty of water. Water is essential for survival and also helps prevent dehydration, especially when spending an extended amount of time in the sun. In Jocelyn Vegter’s experience, it is not guaranteed that you will find drinkable water out in nature. For this reason, Jocelyn Vegter recommends bringing a sufficient amount of water for each individual on a camping chair.

Also, basic cooking equipment and a way of starting a fire are essential to make sure that campers can stay warm and cook food. Part of the fun of camping is the ability to catch fish for the evening’s dinner. Preparing for your trip by packing cooking equipment can save much time down the road. Also, depending on your camping location, Jocelyn Vegter knows that temperatures can significantly drop in the nighttime. In order to prevent illness, it is important to stay warm.

Finally, Jocelyn Vegter reminds campers to bring along a first aid kit including essentials such as bandages, peroxide, and an antihistamine. Also, individuals who take prescription medications face additional challenges with camping. Jocelyn Vegter recommends that campers discuss their individual needs and camping plans with their physician. While camping can provide a fun adventure for friends and family, Jocelyn Vegter reminds campers to remember safety concerns that arise when camping.

Importance of Pursuing Higher Education with Jocelyn Vegter

Jocelyn Vegter believes that any serious professional should pursue education beyond high school. While practical work experience gained after high school can certainly improve your success in maintaining long term employment, Jocelyn Vegter points out that it does not ensure upward mobility in your industry of choice. Jocelyn Vegter, a successful IT professional, knows that a quality college education will provide the opportunity to improve upon existing skills which will, in turn, increase your chance of promotion.

Jocelyn Vegter started to pursue advanced education in technology in 2002, when she graduated with a technical degree in web development and business programming. Jocelyn Vegter went on to land an entry level IT position, which gave her the practical experience needed to determine if she was truly invested in the field. Born with an innate propensity for anything analytical, this was not a hard decision for Jocelyn Vegter. Jocelyn Vegter realized her dream of attaining her bachelor’s degree in 2011, when she graduated cum laude from Strayer University.

As a result, Jocelyn Vegter was able to land a senior level position as a NetBackup Engineer. Enjoying her success thus far, Jocelyn Vegter is dedicated to staying abreast of the latest developments in the field. As a result, Jocelyn Vegter has obtained additional training, including certification in Symantec NetBackup 7.x for Unix Administration. Because of her dedication to professional improvement, Jocelyn Vegter has been recognized by her employers as an up-and-coming leader in her field.

Jocelyn Vegter has experienced many accomplishments in the past decade of her professional career. It is no secret that those with higher education tend to not only earn more money over their lifetime, but tend to have a more stable work history despite an ever-changing economic climate. Jocelyn Vegter wants to emphasize to anyone with a passion in a particular subject that higher education is critical to ensure long term professional success.

Successful Career Woman: Jocelyn Vegter

Jocelyn Vegter, an established IT professional, has gained a reputation for being an immensely successful career woman. Attaining expertise in the field and recognition amongst her peers, Jocelyn Vegter has had the unique experience of effecting change in a male dominated industry. Dedicated to working closely with her counterparts to solve complex technical issues, Jocelyn Vegter has never been intimidated by stereotypes surrounding her profession. What’s more, Jocelyn Vegter was excited to break down any existing barriers in the industry while proving herself as a commensurate professional.

Jocelyn Vegter got her start in the IT field after attaining her technical degree in web development and business programming over ten years ago. Making her mark as a valued team leader and expert problem solver, Jocelyn Vegter accepted a series of promotions before choosing to pursue her undergraduate degree. While effectively balancing work and school, Jocelyn Vegter continued to exhibit a superior level of professionalism that was admired by peers.

After graduating cum laude from Strayer University in March 2011, Jocelyn Vegter attained a position as Senior NetBackup Engineer for an innovative company. Armed with a BS in information systems and security, Jocelyn Vegter continually strives to be on the cutting edge of technological advances. With unending ambition and drive, Jocelyn Vegter continuously sets her goals higher as she accomplishes task after task. Dedicated to steady improvement and primed to be an expert in her field, Jocelyn Vegter participates in ongoing education and certifications to ensure she has a grasp of the most current and specialized knowledge in the field.

Jocelyn Vegter has enjoyed over a decade of achievements and has no plans to halt her professional journey any time soon. Currently considering the pursuit of graduate education in Information Systems, Jocelyn Vegter is an inspiration to aspiring female IT professionals and has high hopes for her future.

Jocelyn Vegter Has a Green Thumb

Jocelyn Vegter, best known for her expertise in the IT industry, is also an avid fan of gardening. Jocelyn Vegter believes that cultivating a garden with fresh flowers and vegetables can add a sense of serenity to anyone’s home life. While spending the majority of her professional life perfecting her analytical skills, Jocelyn Vegter enjoys the mental rest attained from planting seeds and fostering the growth of plant life.

In addition to the serenity gained from the process, Jocelyn Vegter points out that another benefit of gardening is having immediate access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Jocelyn Vegter is passionate about healthy living, so for her, gardening is an integral aspect of healthy eating and meal planning. Exchanging money spent in a supermarket for time spent in her garden, Jocelyn Vegter prefers planting and cultivating the foods she eats the most instead of purchasing them. Benefits of growing your own food include not only a decrease in grocery expenses, but also peace of mind, knowing the way (and the place) in which your food was grown, says Jocelyn Vegter.

As is often the case with fruits and vegetables found in the grocery store, many commercially produced foods undergo exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals and foreign substances. If given the option, Jocelyn Vegter asserts that any knowledgeable consumer would prefer locally and naturally grown foods to those sprayed with chemicals and pesticides. In addition to the unexpected exercise gained while tending to a garden, Jocelyn Vegter believes the nutritional benefits are endless.

A lover of nature who likes to stay active, Jocelyn Vegter enjoys the process of gardening just as much as she enjoys reaping the fruitful rewards. Jocelyn Vegter reminds us that even though not everyone has a green thumb, modern conveniences, such as rapidly growing window sill herb gardens, can provide a healthy and cost effective alternative to purchasing produce in the store.

Decade of IT Expertise: Jocelyn Vegter

Over the past ten years, Jocelyn Vegter has established herself as a leading IT professional with a mounting expertise in the field. Jocelyn Vegter’s hard work and dedication to professional growth have assisted her in obtaining positions of increasing responsibility in the industry. Jocelyn Vegter has always been fascinated with technology and how it has affected our society over time. Desiring to play a role in this dynamic industry, Jocelyn Vegter received her first position in the field as a production support analyst. Armed with a technical degree in web development and business programming, Jocelyn Vegter was well on her way to her first promotion.

Continually proving herself over time, Jocelyn Vegter has held an assortment of positions in the information technology field, mostly as a backup and recovery specialist. A proven team leader and creative problem solver, Jocelyn Vegter has used her innate analytical skills and collaboration with colleagues on a daily basis to resolve complex issues. Playing an instrumental role in the development and implementation of backup strategies, Jocelyn Vegter has been established as a highly regarded professional in the IT world.

Jocelyn Vegter’s professional success motivated her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in information systems and security. Graduating cum laude in March 2011, Jocelyn Vegter achieved her goal. Since then, Jocelyn Vegter has landed a senior level position as a NetBackup engineer. Devoted to ongoing education and training, Jocelyn Vegter has also earned certification in Symantec NetBackup 7.x for Unix Administration. Jocelyn Vegter’s dedication to the field is apparent through her continued efforts to improve her skills.

Recognized by her employers as having the necessary drive and ambition to excel even further, Jocelyn Vegter has established herself as an expert in backup and recovery. Jocelyn Vegter spends a significant portion of her time at work collaborating with others regarding complex technical issues in order to resolve problems. Primed for continued professional success, Jocelyn Vegter is currently considering pursuing graduate education to further her IT expertise.

Jocelyn Vegter, Modern IT Trailblazer

A trailblazer is someone who paves the way for others, often through great risk of their own. Jocelyn Vegter, over the last ten years, has become a modern trailblazer in her own right. A nature aficionado as well as a successful IT professional, Jocelyn Vegter has experience as a trailblazer both in her career and in the wilderness.

Professionally, Jocelyn Vegter has spent the past ten years working her way up in the IT industry. With humble beginnings as an entry level production support analyst, Jocelyn Vegter’s interest and dedication to the field grew over the years. After receiving multiple promotions and recognition from superiors, Jocelyn Vegter made the decision to pursue her bachelor’s degree in information systems and security.

After over eight years of consistently excelling in the field, Jocelyn Vegter earned her degree in 2011. Graduating cum laude, Jocelyn Vegter’s outlook for her IT career was bolstered when she attained the position of Senior NetBackup Engineer. Overcoming the challenge of simultaneously working and going to school, Jocelyn Vegter gave hope to other aspiring female IT professionals through her accomplishments, by squashing the stereotype that women are less likely to succeed in the IT industry.

Recreationally, Jocelyn Vegter enjoys spending her time communing with nature, either by hiking or camping. Jocelyn Vegter delights in taking trips into the wilderness and embarking upon new outdoor adventures. Preferring to take along family or friends, Jocelyn Vegter views hiking and camping as great ways to get away from one’s busy life and reinforce relationships with loved ones.

Jocelyn Vegter appreciates the solace and peace being in the wilderness can provide. Valuing her leisure time as essential to personal enrichment, Jocelyn Vegter is just as diligent about spending time in nature as she is about achieving professional success. Jocelyn Vegter has indeed established herself as a modern trailblazer.

Outdoor Adventurer: Jocelyn Vegter

Jocelyn Vegter is an expert outdoor adventurer. Since she was a little girl, Jocelyn Vegter has enjoyed spending time outside and discovering her surroundings. Naturally curious, with an unending appetite for information, Jocelyn Vegter carried her curiosity over into her professional career when she chose to specialize in information technology. An established professional in the IT industry, Jocelyn Vegter cherishes spending her downtime participating in a variety of outdoor activities.

Just a few of Jocelyn Vegter’s favorite activities are whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and camping. Jocelyn Vegter loves to partake in new and exciting adventures and is most recently known to have made her first descent into the Grand Canyon. A lover of nature in all its seasons, Jocelyn Vegter has an outdoor activity planned no matter what the time of year. Whether starting on an adventure alone or with friends and family, Jocelyn Vegter’s love of the outdoors is apparent no matter what the situation.

For Jocelyn Vegter, one of the most thrilling aspects of an outdoor adventure is the anticipation of the unknown. Viewing the journey as just as important as the destination, Jocelyn Vegter is enamored with nature and the discovery of new places and wildlife. Whether in the water or on land, Jocelyn Vegter aims to learn something new with each expedition. In addition, Jocelyn Vegter believes outdoor activities are a great way to stay in shape while distracting yourself from the fact that you’re getting exercise. Using this little trick, Jocelyn Vegter is able to remain healthy while engaging in new and enlightening experiences.

Jocelyn Vegter points out that not everyone needs to have money or a lot of time to do something outdoors. In most cities, there are community parks and nature trails that allow one to get a deeper glimpse into the flora and fauna of their environment while staying close to home.

Jocelyn Vegter, Hard Working Professional

Jocelyn Vegter is the embodiment of a hard working professional. Currently an established authority in the IT field, Jocelyn Vegter has made a name for herself as a highly skilled and ambitious professional. Gaining her beginnings in the information technology field as an entry level production support analyst, Jocelyn Vegter’s determination and hard work landed her a promotion shortly into her career. Brimming with confidence at her growing abilities, Jocelyn Vegter held positions of increasing responsibility before deciding to pursue her bachelor’s degree in information systems and security.

Even after she embarked upon her collegiate adventures, Jocelyn Vegter continued to work full time, and did so throughout her entire academic career. Gracefully overcoming this challenge, Jocelyn Vegter graduated from Strayer University cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in information systems and security. Choosing to further her education beyond her undergraduate degree, Jocelyn Vegter earned a certification in Symantec NetBackup 7.x for Unix Administration just nine short months after attaining her degree.

Jocelyn Vegter has consistently demonstrated her ability to not only solve complex problems but to collaborate with other professionals to engage in detailed, results-oriented technical discussions. Jocelyn Vegter’s ability to lead others in the industry has been recognized by her superiors throughout her career. A testament to her unique ability to apply analytical problem solving skills to real world issues, Jocelyn Vegter has been continuously given an increasing amount of responsibility as her career has moved forward.

A diligent researcher and innovative problem solver, Jocelyn Vegter is respected by her peers as a hard working professional. Having a knack for applying creative solutions to difficult technical problems, Jocelyn Vegter is recognized for her strong work ethic, attention to detail, and dedication to ensuring company success. Looking forward to the next decade on technology’s cutting edge, Jocelyn Vegter is primed to further her already successful career.

Jocelyn Vegter Appreciates Nature

Accomplished IT professional Jocelyn Vegter has a wider array of interests than just technology and data. An avid lover of nature and the outdoors, Jocelyn Vegter spends her free time embarking upon hiking adventures, camping trips, and outdoor sports. Enjoying the freedom and peace that nature can bring a person, Jocelyn Vegter relishes her time spent outdoors, both alone and with loved ones. Filled with wonderment every time she ventures into the wilderness, Jocelyn Vegter never experiences a dull moment when spending time outdoors.

Jocelyn Vegter enjoys staying healthy and active, but despises the monotony of traditional exercise. An easy and exciting way to stay fit, Jocelyn Vegter has found, is to spend time in nature. Whether this includes walking along a nature trail or whitewater rafting, Jocelyn Vegter assures the adventurous soul that spending time in nature is the best way to lead a healthy life.

Jocelyn Vegter also believes there is a part of our natural environment that can serve as inspiration for anyone. Whether leisurely kayaking along a calm river or horseback riding on a country trail, Jocelyn Vegter assures even the most die-hard couch potato that there is something special to be found in one’s relationship with nature. For Jocelyn Vegter, nature can bring a sense of peace and serenity, but also serve as a silent sounding board for your innermost frustrations. Jocelyn Vegter knows that experiencing nature can help unveil insights into one’s future, and calm one’s nerves.

Viewing time spent in the natural environment as essential to one’s personal growth, Jocelyn Vegter is an advocate of frequent outdoor activity. Jocelyn Vegter believes that spending time outdoors can also increase one’s respect for wildlife. Jocelyn Vegter has encountered many interesting creatures when exploring nature, and has a newfound appreciation for the role humans and wildlife play in one another’s survival.

Cum Laude Scholar: Jocelyn Vegter

Since its inception, the inner workings of the internet have been intriguing to Jocelyn Vegter. While others may have viewed her inclination towards technology as uncanny, Jocelyn Vegter knew at a young age that she was destined to pursue a career on the cutting edge of technological advances. Shortly out of high school, Jocelyn Vegter made the decision to pursue a technical degree in web development and business programming. After achieving her first career milestone, Jocelyn Vegter landed an entry level position as a production support analyst.

Her ability to quickly adapt to changes while displaying superior problem solving skills led Jocelyn Vegter to become recognized by her employers as a future industry leader. After a series of promotions, Jocelyn Vegter chose to pursue her bachelor’s degree to further her education in the field. A master at juggling her undergraduate education and a professional career, Jocelyn Vegter seemed to effortlessly overcome any obstacle presented to her. Respected by her peers for her ongoing accomplishments, Jocelyn Vegter consistently remained a valued member of the team.

Jocelyn Vegter’s outstanding dedication and hard work would pay off in the end. In March 2011, Jocelyn Vegter graduated cum laude from Strayer University. With the achievement of earning her bachelor’s degree in information systems and security, Jocelyn Vegter attained a new level of confidence and increased drive to become the best in the industry. While her colleagues were amazed by such a feat, those closest to Jocelyn Vegter never had a doubt about her ability to complete the task.

Jocelyn Vegter is currently a Senior NetBackup Engineer and has attained additional certification in Symantec NetBackup since receiving her bachelor’s degree. Jocelyn Vegter knows firsthand that in order to stay on the cutting edge of the technological world, ongoing training is a requirement. Jocelyn Vegter has an optimistic outlook for her future influence on the IT field. Currently considering pursuing her master’s degree, Jocelyn Vegter remains as ambitious as ever.