Save The Blue Crab!

By: Brian Bosch & Dylan Caruthers

Blue Crab

This flyer will provide you with ideas how we can save the blue crab species! Citizens, fishermen, government, and farmers are all going to be mentioned within this paper!

People Who Can Help US


Citizens can make a large impact on the blue crab species! The citizens just need to use their common sense. They could stop using fertilizers, they could be more respectful towards the environment, and lastly, they could spread the word and help with the problem


Fishermen could help a lot. All they would have to do is have a fishing limit. Overfishing is a large reason why the population of the crab is going down. If the fishermen had a limit, overfishing would not be a problem!


The government could help by creating and enforcing laws. Laws can help stop overfishing, fertilizing, and help the people that live near the Chesapeake Bay become more eco-friendly.


Farmers could restrict from local citizens from buying their fertilizer. They could completely stop using the fertilizers.