Camp 14

North Korea

Camp 14 lies on opposite sides of the Taedong River. It was established in 1959. This area is rich in coal so many of the prisoners work in mines. This camp and Camp 18 are two of the largest of the 5 concentration camps that North Korea has. Camp 14 is around 60 sq. miles in area. In order to keep the prisoners in the camp, they encircled the camp with electric fencing. The main purpose of these camps is to keep people locked up that they don't politically trust.

How do you get into the camp?

Most of the prisoners inside of Camp 14 were born there under the 3 Generations of Punishment. This means that if even only one of your family members break the law you and your whole family are sent to this camp till death. The crime can even be as little as trying to escape the country. Any of the prisoners that are born inside the camp are there forever or until they die.

North Korea Government: one-man dictatorship.

Dictator: Kim Jong Un


The prisoners are required to work from 5:30 in the morning until midnight. The work conditions is places like the mines are very dangerous. Prisoners are forced to work like slaves and are tortured in case of minor offenses. While working if you violate any of the camps rules you are immediately killed.


Many of the meals just consist of salted cabbage and corn so that the prisoners are very weak and unhealthy. The prisoners often die from undernourishment. A lot of the prisoners tend to eat rats, frogs, insects, and snakes just to survive. Rat flesh is often consumed by the prisoners from the lack of protein in their diet. In order to even do this they have to get permission from the guards.