First Things First

September 8-11

Tomorrow's Leaders

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This week in Reading we did a variety of activities to help students review high frequency words. Students pretended to have a race track, and would drive a small car to the right word as fast as they could. It is my goal this year to incorporate as much PLAY while learning as we can! I sent the "race track" home in their blue take home folder. Parents can call out a word and their child can drive their car to the word. Students also did word work in sand.

HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS: can, at, the, look, my, the, my, red, blue, yellow, I, see, a

NUMBER WORDS: zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

COLOR WORDS: pink, orange, white, black, gray, purple, brown, green


We are using the Engage NY Math program. We are currently in MODULE A, LESSON 3. For in-depth details about each lesson this year, please reference their website here which has each day's lesson plans, examples, and videos. There is a wealth of information (may even be too much information at first), but I did want you to know where you can get more information if you need it!

SOCIAL STUDIES-National Anthem

We will be reading the history and meaning of the National Anthem in class and discussing it. There is some tricky vocabulary we will attack. Here is a great visual with clues to help students learn the words to the National Anthem.


We are excited to have the Body Ventures exhibit visit Lincoln School on Thursday! This will be a fun interactive way for students to tour the human body. More information and pictures about this unique opportunity can be found on their website!
The week of September 8-11 is a BLACK Week, specials are as follows:
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Upcoming Dates

September 7th-NO SCHOOL
September 10th-Body Ventures Tour
September 11th-Konza Dental Screenings
THANK YOU to everyone who has donated snacks to our classroom, they are appreciated and really do help our kids during the day.

Have a wonderful long weekend! ~Mrs. Weller