Don't Be So Rash to Blame Yourself

Diaper Rash Causes & Cures

Do you feel like you are a horrible parent because your child has diaper rash?

Diaper rash is not uncommon, and not necessarily due to neglectfulness by the caretaker. Babies have tender skin that is susceptible to irritation. Almost all babies get diaper rash and most can be effectively treated and be back to normal within days, without professional medical intervention. Here's what you need to know:

When to call the pediatrician

Check with your pediatrician if:

  • Blisters or pus-filled sores appear
  • A fever accompanies the rash
  • If the rash worsens despite treatment

Treatment instructions

Watch this brief video to see the proper method of applying ointment to your baby.
Severe diaper rash treatment - how to apply a diaper rash cream for quick healing

Levels of Severity

Refer to the chart in the link below to determine how severe the situation is

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