hoot hoot n shoot

smashing my world into one

What to do when I have a full plate and want more??!!?? Duh!!! Multi task!!!

I love my growing Origami Owl business. I also love my photography business that I have worked on for the last couple years. It has been amazing to work them side by side, to meet more people, get blessed with more customers, and help my talents and businesses grow!

My shooting abilities capturing some amazing Origami Owl products!

Join My Team

This business is AMAZING! The team you would join is more like a family, and so SUPPORTIVE! You would be able to make more MONEY while having FUN evenings selling jewelry that practically sells itself! If you LOVE Origami Owl, and have ever thought about doing anything like this, PLEASE CONTACT me! I would love to answer any questions you have, or tell you about this amazing opportunity! How could it not be AMAZING?? The company was founded by a bright and beautiful 14 year old girl, Bella!!!