Job Interview Steps and Tips

BY: Allen Yu

Before the Interview

  • Research the company you are applying for.
  • Know where you are going
  • Practice answering questions and asking questions
  • Make sure you know what to wear
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During the interview


  • Make sure you are smiling
  • Shake there hand before you start the interview
  • Act natural not weird or nervous
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5 interview ????

Practice these questions

Tell me about yourself? - Keep it short and brief

Why should we hire you? - highlight your strengths that apply to the job

Whats your greatest strength? - tell a brief example of you demonstrating the strength

Why should we hire you? - show how you will be a perfect fit for the job

Do you have any questions for me? - always say yes

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After the interview...

  • Make sure you give a firm handshake.( not to strong, not to soft)
  • Make sure you asked all the questions you need to ask
  • After the interview send them a letter say thank you for taking the time to interview you
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Dressing for the interview

  • You don't want to be under dressed
  • Don't over do it either
  • Dress one step above the dress code
  • Ex. - Don't wear a suite if your applying for a janitor
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Interview Don'ts

  • Do not bring your phone to an interview
  • Don't tell them what you want to be paid
  • Don't space off
  • Do not ask questions that don't pertain to the interview
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Interview Dos and Don'ts