South America

Marlen Urbina

Culture of brazil

The culture in Brazil is very diverse in nature showing.Brazil is a mixture of of races and ethnicity.Most families in Brazil are really big. Most people are Portuguese.


The history of Brazil started when the Europeans arrived in Brazil in the 16th century. Brazil was a colony of Portugal, that's why many people in Brazil are Portuguese. Brazil covers half of SouthAmerica and is the continents largest nation. The climate in Brazil is very tropical. Spring is September-December, Summer is December-March, Autumn is March-June, and Winter is June-September.

Housing in Brazil

Activities to do in brazil

Fun activities

They have a beach named Madeiro beach were you can go swimming and see Dolphins. Their most popular beach is Rio de Janeiro where most people go and have fun especially on Carnival day. And also many go up the Montain where the Christ Redeemer statue is at.