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What does low socioeconomic status mean?

It is often measured as a combination of education, income, and occupation. Through a social class lens, privilege, power, and control are emphasized. Socioeconomic status is relevant to all realms of behavioral and social science including research, practice, education, and advocacy.

Source: American Psychological Association

I'm a student. Can I help advocate for social reform by improving people's lives?


Visit this link for ways to get involved in ending hunger and its causes- poverty, homelessness, and unemployment to name a few.

Follow this link to read about way students have helped fight hunger, in their own words...

We are ALL responsible!

Get the facts about hunger and how it affects children and their families.

One of the primary symptoms of poverty in children around the world is hunger. The facts about hunger clearly show its relationship to other symptoms of poverty such as malnutrition, low birth rate and poor health. In fact, the hunger facts are just a small glimpse into the destruction that poverty causes.

Each year, millions of children die from malnutrition. This is one of the most sobering facts about hunger – it steals life from the most innocent and vulnerable … children. Hunger is preventable, but it requires knowledge and action.


Classism and Poverty in America's Schools