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The Sixth Book of the Torah | Edition 13 | March 14, 2016

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"We'll keep expanding, keep introducing new things, but we've got to stick to the basics." - Raf

Problem: "I ordered Sour Skittles. I didn't get f*cking Sour Skittles." - Dan

Solution: Double check quantities & products!

Problem: "My car has a problem, I can't come in to work." - Driver

Solution: "Find a way to work it out, or don't come in next time." - Manager

There's plenty that can be done at the warehouse!

Problem: "I don't know how to handle this customer complaint or operations issue." - Manager

Solution: Talk to a senior manager! Communicate in the GroupMe or via text.

Problem: An order is late.

Solution: Call the customer about it, shmooze their face off, leave a note on the order with the order # pasted explaining why the delivery was late.

Problem: The order that just came in is for a newbie.

Trick question! This is not a problem.

Solution: Treat the newbie as a TOP goPuff priority; deliver his/her order FIRST out of a batch of orders; watch as customer that orders over and over and over because your their goPuff experience was so STELLAR! Take extra care with the NEWBIES.

Prank calls are fun. Prank calls to your employee pretending to be an interviewee when you're really the CEO of the company is funnier.


Weekly Average Delivery Times

All Cities: 29.3

Philadelphia: 29.8

Boston: 26.3
DC: 23.6
Austin: 29.9
NYC: 40.2
Denver: 37.6

How did we get here?

Tweet of the Week: shoutout @livestock

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What we doing?
"Munch Madness" - goPuff's top selling products will face off all month to see who is the best selling item during March. Encourage customers to participate - winners will get vouchers!

How we looking?
Our new ad campaign can be summed up into three words: Place. Pack. Puff.
We're trying to highlight a problem (last bite of ice cream) with a solution (ordering ice cream from goPuff). If you have any ideas for content, let us know!

Where we at?

This week - South by Southwest Festival in Austin!
Coming up - Cherry Blossom Festival and DC Beer Festival!

How can you find us?
FOLLOW US ON SNAPCHAT @gopuff (and Instagram & Twitter) to what trouble we're getting into firsthand.

Spotlight: RONDON

Names: Ron Gabbay and Dan Gabbay
Age: 23 (Dan is younger by a few minutes because he "needed to tell his mom what was good before he left the womb"...)
Positions: goPuff Philly Manager (Ron) & goBeer Philly Manager (Dan)

Describe the other person in three words.
Dan: Heart of gold.
Ron: What person? Lol.

What is your favorite part about working at goPuff?
Ron: Endri's accent is what motivates me to work here.

Biggest turn on?
Dan: About a girl?

Let's try a different angle...what's the most ridiculous thing you've done to get a girl's attention?
Dan: Put on a fake Israeli accent.
Ron: Nothing. They already have my attention.
Dan: Which means they automatically have mine :)
Ron: Or rather, I already have their attention.

I'm ready to move on. If your brother wasn't working at goPuff, what would he be doing?
Dan: Selling houses.
Ron: My brother is always at goPuff but if he wasn't there he'd be sleeping considering he'd be up the next day.

But if Dan didn't work at goPuff, why would he have to get up the next day?
Ron: Because he won't be able to stay in bed all day.
Dan: I'd be at the gym.
Ron: My gym time is packing orders.
Dan: With a slice of Whole Foods Pizza.

What's something you want to accomplish in the next year?
Dan: For goBeer to be more successful than my enemy, goPuff.
Ron: goPuff in Miami.

What's something most people don't know about the other person?
Ron: Dan is sensitive as sh*t.
Dan: Ron had a 3.8 GPA one semester.

What male celebrity would you compare yourself to?
Ron: Brad Pitt. Cause apparently he's the sexiest celebrity.

Brad Pitt was the sexiest man alive in 2000.
Dan: I don't believe in celebrities.

What do you believe in?
Dan: God and goPuff.

You can switch places with one goPuff employee for the day. Who is it?
Both: Simon.

What is something you don't understand?
Dan: Why is a hamburger called a HAMburger and not a meatburger?
Ron: Why people order three 20 oz. Cokes when they can order a 2L for cheaper.

What is your favorite part about your job?
Dan: People I work with.
Ron: Endri's accent.

You already made a joke about Endri's accent.
Ron: Lol I know.