Apple VS Google Play

BY: Justin C. Schroeder

Apple VS Google Play

Google Play and Itunes are the two top app stores. Both Google play and Itunes have their advantages and disadvantages. Look through this flyer to see a comparison of the two.



The layout of Google play is much better than the layout of the Itunes store. ITunes has too many words, not enough pictures and a bad color scheme whereas Google play has a lot pictures, just the right amount of words, and a great color scheme. Also, Google play is also easier to navigate than Itunes.


Apple seems to focuses more on music and games whereas Google focuses mainly just on games. Apple has less expensive prices for their music than Google Play and so seems to care more about it.

App Availability and Prices

The prices of Apple and Google are approximately the same. Apple seems to have less expensive music but the games and other apps usually have the same price for both Apple and Google. They both have all the great apps, but apple has a little more than Google.


Apple and Google have about the same quality when it comes to Apps. However, Apple seems to have more qualified people making their apps due to Google's cheaper costs of making the apps.

Creating Apps

Apple is more regulated than Google so Apple will probably have slightly better quality. Google Play is also cheaper to make apps so more people who aren't as good at creating them will be making more apps on Google than Apples