Acadia National Park

By Juliana and Laurel

By Juliana

About Acadia National Park

Acadia is located in Maine (ME) in the northeast region of the United States. The climate goes up and down just like our weather in Massachusetts. For example, in the winter it is freezing and in the summer it is hot, hot, hot! As you stride along the beaches you will notice Acadias breathtaking mountains reflecting off the gleaming salt water. If you are a daring climber, you will love climbing Cadillac mountain, the tallest mountain in Acadia!

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About Acadia Laurel & Juliana by Deerfield School

Mountain Formation

Billions of years ago, the land we now call Acadia was flat. Then a couple hundred years later, glaciers started moving across the island. Soon they started sliding down steep hills which made valleys. As the valleys became deeper the hills got taller, which soon made mountains.

That is how the Acadia mountains were formed. You wouldn’t even believe that these mountains were once tiny little hills!

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Acadia Mountain formation Juliana & Laurel by Deerfield School
By Juliana and Laurel

Did You Know...?

The Acadia Forest Fire

  • The forest fire happened in 1994

  • The fire killed many of Acadia’s evergreens

Fun Activities in Acadia

  • Camping

  • Boating

  • Sledding

  • Carriage Rides

  • Hiking

  • Biking

  • Fishing

Mountains and Ponds/Lakes

  • Jordan Pond

  • Bubble Pond

  • Long pond

  • Cadillac Mountain

  • Day Mountain

  • Triad Mountain

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Acadia Did you know Laurel & Juliana by Deerfield School