Wiltshire, Scotland

vast plains, cool weather, nice people, thats what we have in wiltshire!

Mouth watering Wiltshire

The large meals here are sure to leave you full! A dish largely eaten here is haggis. Haggis is made of sheep's heart, liver, and lungs. It may sound gross but many people here like it,and you never know,you might like it as well! Breakfast here is often large and throughout the day they have small meals leading up to dinner. Tatties- ground meat with boiled or mashed potatoes- are commonly eaten here as well.Also, meals here are commonly filled with all of the food groups. Don't forget to try some of these scottish dishes!

Wounderous wiltshire

Keep these places in mind while you're here! Stonehenge is thought to have been a place of worship or astronomical practice. People here have often express themselves through the art of dance. There is an immense amount of celtic culture here. Also, art here is very widespread and free flowing. Have fun with these scottish customs!( phot cred: http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/artsheritageandlibraries/artsandgalleries.htm)

What to do in wiltshire

With all of these things you'll never be bored! The great ring of stonehenge- as mentioned earlier- has some stone that reach up to twenty-one feet tall! Wiltshire contains some of Scotland's loveliest cathedrals. A sport often played here is foot ball,or American soccer. There's always something to do!

Landmarks in wiltshire

Wiltshire will leave you intrigued, Wiltshire is home to the great ring of stones, known as stonehenge. stonehenge was known as a place of worship in the olden days. stonehenge was also used for astronomy along time ago stonehenge was also used as a clock. You'll love visiting these historical landmarks!

Wiltshire's words

your sure to know at least one language spoken here! One of the languages spoken here is English. Scottish Gaelic is a language widely known here as-well. They accents they mostly have here are Scottish, American, And British. They use many different words here then you would normally. You may not need to learn a new language!(photo credit: http://www.mjchurchskiphire.co.uk/wiltshire-skip-hire/)

Wet Wiltshire

Like cold?like wet? Now you can have both of them together! Most of the year it's wet. Summer Temperatures average from 60°-70°. During winter weather drops below freezing. Weather is very cool year round. You'll enjoy the cool wetness of wiltshire!


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