Saltine Crackers


10K Cracker Challenge

Just what is the 10k Cracker Challenge?

Is the ability to win $ten thousand.00us by eating 6 small crackers in less than one minute

Another available prices?

YES. Other prices are for sale for funniest videos. Our panel of judges will go with a 2nd, 1st and 3rd place winner with the funniest videos. The cost for funniest videos are:

1st Place: 3,000.00 US

2nd Place: 2,000.00 US

3rd Place: one thousand.00 US

Who is going to participate?

The 10k crackers challenge is open to everybody. Learn more about 10k Cracker Challenge

The way to participate?

Request your FREE 10k Crackers Challenge Kit.

Stick to the challenge instruction included in your Kit.

Upload the recording to youtube and share it on twitter using "#10kCrackerChallenge".

What's as part of the challenge Participation Kit?

A confirmation/participation ID

3 pack of cracker

Number of instructions

To get more info click the link

Consider some of the Challenge's Rules?

Participants should eat all 6 crackers within one (1) minute.

Challengers/Participant mouth ought to be empty during starting the difficulty

Crackers ought to be in it full size when starting the problem

Challenge time begins after cracker package is open

Video can NOT turn from the challenge

Challenger's/Participant's mouth must be empty in the event the challenge minute is up (60 seconds)

Video can NOT be alter in any way shape or form

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