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The Different Types of Men’s Suits

Understanding the differences in various styles of tailored men’s suits is not really difficult. It is not rocket science as men’s suits have – on the whole – remained free from all the embellishments that are placed on other types of clothing in the name of fashion trends.

There are primarily, just four popular styles of men’s suits namely, American suits, British suits, Mandarin suits and Italian suits. Any versions of men’s tailored suits that possess characteristics different from these four basic styles of suits, can be regarded as being hybrid versions of the original four styles.

Italian suits look elegant when worn by taller men and are usually double-breasted. The American suit style is more casual and can make the man wearing it look much younger than he actually is. The Mandarin suit represents its truly Oriental style and culture while the British suit is single-breasted and looks regal and stately, when compared to the other three styles of men’s suits.

It must be mentioned here that while these four styles draw their originality from their geographical locations, finding all the four styles in your own country or city – wherever it might be in the world – will not be difficult. Therefore, if you live in Britain, you would be able to purchase an American style suit and in Italy, you could also purchase a Mandarin styled suit.

When it comes to selecting a style of suit for yourself, consider the following factors carefully: your physical build, personal taste and the occasions where you would be wearing the suit. While suit styles dictate the types and the number of buttons on the suit or even the style of the jacket or trouser, the designs on suits are also reflected in the shape, size, pattern, colour and fabric of the suit. Finding the perfect suit for yourself remains entirely up to your personal choice and preferences.

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