Your weekly Business Impact Lab Updates #4

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Only 9 school days to go!!!

Summer break is just around the corner. What to expect this upcoming week...


Lars Mårtensson, a top Ericsson’s executive based in their central HQ has just confirmed his presence at the Closing Day!

This definitely will raise the bar and our expectations on the outcome of the challenge!!! We are counting on you to shine as always!

View his profile below.

Lars Mårtensson

Vice President Portfolio & Demand Management, Customer Group Industry & Society, Ericsson.

Lars has been with Ericsson since 1994. He has held executive positions in R&D, Services and Sales including being Vice President Services for Market Unit South East Asia as well as Head of Operations for Region South East Asia and Oceania and most recently
Vice President Development Unit Network Functions & Cloud. Lars has a broad experience of working with leading technologies for the Core and Radio network and within the services area, working close to Ericsson’s customers..

Lars holds a MSc in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden. Lars speaks Swedish and English.

He lives with his wife and four children in Stockholm.


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We are proud to announce that Ericsson has agreed to take up the 3 Winning teams (each section's winner) and continue working on their prototypes for an IMPACT PROJECT.

The Impact Project is one of the three existing Final Integrative Exercises of your MBA, in which groups of students work with a client developing a project to create real impact within the Company.

Find out more about the Impact Project here.

Digital Tranformation Deliverables

Each group has to submit 2 pages referring each module, 6 pages in total for the whole Digital Transformation steam. Find the link to submit your deliverables here.

In the deliverable each group will have to answer the next question:

‘’How did the Disruptive Technologies / The Digital Social Interface/ Big Data & Business Analytics module contribute to design your solution for the Ericsson challenge?”

Just to clarify, if the students are not using the digital transformation modules to design the solutions, they should explain why they are not doing so and explain the process they went through.

BBVA Innovation center

Monday, July 18th, 5-6pm

2 Plaza Santa Bárbara

Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

The BBVA Innovation Center opens its door for special guided tours on 18th, 5-6PM. All signed-up students must attend the tour.

(We do not provide transportation service. Students must go on their own. The Team will meet you at the venue. Closest Metro Station is Alonso Martinez)

3rd Networking Event

You will have the last chance to mingle with your peers in our networking event.

During the event you will be able to establish professional contacts and speak to all the attendees, first in the format of individual conversations of 5 minutes per couple (during 1.5h) and then in a standing get-together, enjoying free delicious snacks and drinks.

We still have a few spots left for tomorrow's event. Don't miss the opportunity!

These events will take place in the restaurant Lamucca located in Calle de Serrano 91:

- Tuesday, July 19th from 19.30 to 22.30, Register HERE

3rd and 4th Mentoring Sessions

On Tuesday July 19th and Thursday July 21st you will have your 3rd and 4th mentoring session with the DT & IT Mentors.

Find the slots assigned to your Workgroups in the site, here.

These will show up in your agenda as 16:00 to 19:00 sessions, so be sure to take note of your ssigned timeslots.

You may click on the name of Mentors & Experts to view their LinkedIn Profile.


Thursday, July 21st, 10:30am

1 Calle de Alberto Aguilera

Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

The Robot Museum: July 21st. This visit is mandatory for all Section B students.

Join us for a guided visit to The Robot Museum plus a workshop on drones! This is a unique museum in Europe, and it offers a great journey through the past, present and future of entertainment robotics.


SECTION B: Thursday July 21st, 10:30-12:30 (Your agenda is blocked from 9am, but the visit will start at 10.30)

((We do not provide transportation service. Students must go on their own. The Team will meet you at the venue. Closest Metro Station is San Bernardo)

Company Feedback Sessions

Ericsson's Team will be visiting our facilities for the second time on Friday July 22nd to have some feedback sessions with your teams.

Find the schedules and assigned mentors in the Site.

Note that these will show up in your agendas as 16:00 to 19:00 sessions.

The Ericsson experts who will be visiting us are: Marina Acedo, Barry Haughian, Jaime Trapero, Iván Rejón, Paul McGettrick and Manuel Lorenzo.

Each pair of Ericsson representatives will have face to face meeting with each team.

Remember to post your questions for Ericsson via the form 24h before the visit.

Deliverables Review

One last reminder!

Lyhe will pass by your classes the last three days of the week to give you some tips and guidance and clarify your doubts regarding the Final Deliverables.

The Schedule is the following:

Section A: July 22nd 12:00-12:30

Section B: July 20th 12:00-12:30

Section C: July 21st 14:00-14:30