Come On Down To The Great Colonies

The Colonies Are a Place For Everyone!

Come Explore The Colonies!!!

Are you tired and poor? Do you want to start a new life? If so, come to the colonies! There are many ways to make a living such as farming and trading! Now were just getting started. We have timber and gun powder, great for simple needs. After you've built your house you can listen to the waves crash down along the coast! Now what are you waiting for get down to the colonies!

New England Colonies! Where the Fishers come

If you like boats and the ocean, come to the New England Colonies! This is one of the colonies where fishing is a big job. This colony also had very little slavery. School was also a requirement.Now if you do want to move to the New England Colonies, here are some places you could go, Massachusetts, Providence, and Connecticut. To make a living, here are some jobs you could do and other important characteristics.

  • Fisher man
  • Lumber jack
  • Ship building
Some exports New England colonies had were

  • Lamp oil
  • Fish
  • ships
  • perfume
  • candles
To add on to all those great exports here's the culture

  • Church was very strong here
  • Not as opened minded :(
  • Very little slavery
The physical characteristics were also pretty good. Here are some

  • Rocky soil
  • Mild summers
  • Very cold winters
  • Dense forests
I hope to see you at the New England Colonies
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Middle Colonies! A Place for Every one

If you're a miner you're going to want to come to the middle colonies. And With rich soil and a warm climate whats not to love? As well as trading is a marvelous thing to do here. The people here were okay with slavery yet most were welcome and opened minded. Even if you might want to live here here are some colony names. New nether land, New jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delware. Here are some other jobs that are common in the Middle Colonies.

  • Farming
  • Mining
  • Lumber jack
  • Merchant
The physical characteristics were also amazing

  • Warm climate
  • Very rich soil
The culture of this colony is just as good!

  • Many Quakers ( Opened/ Gently people)
  • Lots and lots of trade
  • Accepting
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The Southern colonies! Where the Farmers Harvest Their dreams!

If you love farming, this is a dream come true! The southern colonies have rice and tobacco which are great for selling. They also have very rich soil and warm weather to make it perfect farming weather. It's perfect to harvest your dreams. So if you're a farmer here is where you could stay! Virginia, Maryland, Carolina, or Georgia! The southern colonies also were dependent on slaves to get their work done. Now there were a few jobs in the southern colonies here they are.

  • Farmer (Obviously)
  • Rancher
  • Merchant
The culture here is also quite enjoyable

  • Some slavery
  • Good with native Americans
  • some African culture as well
  • Many Catholics
The Physical characteristics is hard not to like

  • Very rich soil
  • Very warm climate
  • Flat land.
These are the great southern colonies.
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