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A Few Words From The President

Hey everyone,

I hope your school year is off to a spectacular start. The Oregon SHAPE conference is October 10th. We have worked hard to bring a variety of hight interest and current topics. Please read below for more information regarding the conference. I hope to see you there!

Oregon SHAPE President

Collin Brooks (@collinbrooksie)

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Oregon Shape Conference 2015

We are excited to announce the Oregon SHAPE conference will take place at Pacific University on October 10th, 2015. This should make for a great venue for our conference. Having great facilities for our conference is a priority for us and we know that Pacific will allow attendees to access great professional development.

Registration: [LIVE] Registration Form

Time and Date: October 10th, from 8-4PM

Oregon SHAPE Conference Keynote and featured Speakers

Here are a few words from Joey Feith, #OSHAPE15 Keynote

You might not be aware of this, but there is a revolution currently taking place in the field of physical and health education. It doesn’t involve flashy new equipment options, expensive technology tools, or radical new ways of approaching our teaching.

It involves teachers.

Teachers who are coming together from all around the world to have conversations about physical education. Teachers who are taking time out of their very, very busy schedules in order to collaborate with others on exciting projects. Teachers who are helping each other improve their practice through meaningful professional networking and sharing.

Ok, so this probably sounds like some pitch for some kind of brand spankin’ new, out-of-state and very expensive conference I’m about to ask you to register for. It’s not. The professional development I’m writing about here has been taking place for years now, is completely free and can be accessed from the comfort of your own home. Heck, you could even be a part of it while in your pyjamas (although you might not want to share that type of information with others!)

I’m talking about the professional development opportunities that are taking place online via social media. That’s right: the same platforms you use to share pictures of your cats or to update the world about that amazing Candy Crush Saga score you just registered. Those very platforms are being used by physical educators from around the world to help raise the bar for physical education everywhere.

Now, here’s the thing: I get it. This all sounds very weird. “Tweeting” at each other, “G+ Hangout” with teachers, “voxing” with your peers… all of these actions might sound a little foreign, futuristic, or even a little juvenile.

But let’s look at it this way:

There are currently tens of thousands of physical educators on Twitter who are engaging in bi-monthly chats (i.e. #pechat) in which they discuss and explore important topics pertaining to our field. These discussions allow us to tie best practices in with the most recent and relevant research. By doing so, the participants in each #pechat leave the conversation with a better understanding of not only what works in PE, but also what changes they can make to their teaching in order to take their practice to the next level.

On Voxer, large groups of physical educators engage in chat room type conversations where they can ask honest questions about how to improve their practice with no fear of embarrassment or shame. Their questions are met with a huge amount of positive responses that involve everything from anecdotes, to resources, to links to important research. The open conversations that occur on Voxer have helped thousands of teachers create learning experiences for their students that are engaging, fun and, most importantly, educational.

Finally, imagine an online conference that was completely free, involved some of the best physical education presenters from around the world, and that could be access at any time (even after the conference ended). You don’t have to imagine anymore, because that conference already exists. The #PhysEdSummit was created by the team at PHYSEDagogy.com (which involves many of your Oregon SHAPE members) as an avenue to engage in meaningful, relevant, and visibly public discussion about best practices in the modern physical education classroom. All three of its editions have been massive successes and it’s just getting started!

So, yes: the idea of “tweeting” your professional development might sound weird, sitting in front of a screen while in your jammies as you learn more about best practices might involve you stepping outside of your comfort zone and sharing some of the biggest concerns about your own teaching with people you only know from their Voxer profile picture might sound scary. The #PhysEd Revolution isn’t here to make you feel comfortable, it’s here to help you be the best teacher you can be, take your practice to the next level and make sure that your students are getting the world-class physical education experience they deserve.

Are you game?

Come learn more about the #PhysEd revolution at my #oshape15 keynote on October 10th. In the meanwhile, feel free to connect with me on Twitter (@joeyfeith) or check out some of my work at ThePhysicalEducator.com.

Thanks for reading and happy teaching!

Professional Development!

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The first ever 24 hour back-to-back GLOBAL #PhysEdSummit happened this Summer on August 15th & 16th. What is it? The #PhysEdSummit is a FREE online conference put on by PE professionals for PE professionals. The mission is to provide digital professional learning opportunities for physical education professionals by sharing, discussing, and reflecting on best practices.

The #PhysEdSummit 3.0 had over 1,800 participants from 40+ countries, with over 5,000 views on 37 different sessions from 45 presenters! All videos have been archived for you to watch at your own convenience. You can find them linked into the conference program here http://physedagogy.com/physedsummit/. You can also fill out the feedback survey to access a certificate of attendance.

PhysEdSummit 3 0 Keynote


Meeting the Needs of Special Education Students in Human Sexuality Education November 6-°©‐7, 2015…Linfield College/ Pioneer Reading Room...McMinnville, OR

Brought to you by Health Endeavors: Consulting and Training, LLC

Workshop Description

This 2-day workshop is a very interactive workshop in which we take the participants through the process of awareness about the importance of teaching human sexuality to students with various special needs and to how to teach the subject to students with various disabilities. Throughout the two days, we show how to modify and adapt teaching techniques to effectively teach human sexuality for various disabilities. The

workshop is very interactive and we limit the number of participants to 50 because of the interactive activities. The workshop will be conducted by Dr. Darrel Lang who has successfully presented on human sexuality to over 40,000 school personnel throughout the United States and internationally. Cost of the two-day workshop is just $195 (includes continental brkf. and snacks) Participants can choose to extend their learning and earn 2 graduate hours of credit through Baker University, Overland Park, KS for an additional $130. Registration for

graduate credit will occur at the workshop. Registration forms for graduate credit will be provided at the workshop.

Click here for full details and the registration form

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There are so many great educators out there sharing the awesome work they are doing in physical education via Podcasts/Voxcasts. WE are highlighting a few of our favorites for you to check out!

SHAPE America Podcast

The SHAPE America Podcast, hosted by members Collin Brooks and Matt Pomeroy, offers a great opportunity for professional development! Each monthly episode of the podcast will feature discussions on a variety of topics relevant to health and physical educators, including interviews with SHAPE America Teachers of the Year and other leaders in the field. You'll also hear the latest about SHAPE America's initiative, "50 Million Strong by 2029."

PHSYEDagogy Podcast

This is a collaborative physical education project by Matt Pomeroy, Naomi Hartl, Collin Brooks, and Jonathan Jones. We are looking to showcase some of the best physical education teaching practices, lesson ideas, and epic events that #physed and #pegeeks across the world are doing at their schools. We will be interviewing teachers and they will be sharing the story about their lesson. They will also share materials so you can implement the idea into your physical education classroom. Subscribe to the podcast on i-tunes or Podomatic.

The #PhysEd Podcast

In 2013, Nathan Horne and Joey Feith got together to shoot the breeze about #physed, health, and technology. The result was The #PhysEd Podcast. Subscribe to hear why thousands of teachers enjoy listening in on Nathan and Joey's conversation.


The #PEGeek Podcast

The PE Geek Podcast is the number one destination for anyone interested in utilizing technologies within their Physical Education classroom. The Podcast explores current tools, trends and classroom proven ideas.


PEPRN Podcast

This podcast is an audio version of the PEPRN blog. The PEPRN blog's aim is to bring together physical education teachers, coaches, physical activity leaders, volunteers and university practitioners from around the world to talk about practice, young peoples’ experiences of physical activity, and research.



Listen to this podcast about #PhysEd teachers having conversations about all things PE with educators from around the world. The best part about this podcast is that they used the voxer app to interview their guest speakers!

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Upcoming Webinars

Each month there are great professional development opportunities available to you at the click of a mouse! Amazing webinars are put on by many different associations across North America for you to access for FREE. We have listed a few upcoming webinars for the month of February for you to check out along with links to archived webinars.

SHAPE America

  • Get on Exchange to view SHAPE America's webinars-on-demand. Click here to access.
  • If you are a SHAPE America member the webinars are free for you!

SPARK Programs
  • How to Plan a Standards-Based Lesson - September 16th, 2015 at 5:00 PM PDT featuring Terri Drain (@Terridr99)
  • Link to view this webinar!
  • FREE Archived webinars

Thompson Huddle Connect

  • The New Ontario Sex Education Curriculum: What You Need To Know

    - October 21st, 2015 at 8:30pm - 9:30pm EDT featuring Jessica O’Reilly

  • Link to register for webinar

  • FREE archived webinars (you will need to sign up for HuddleConnect to access - free sign up)

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