UCE 2014

Theme Nights

Theme Descriptions:

Rep You

Attire: Casual

Description: Whether you from the Caribbean, or rocking the Red, blue and white. Part of an organization or just have a DOPE unique style. REP IT while REPPING YOU!!! This is your introduction to the fellow cruisers. First impression is everything!

Midnight Blackout Pool Party

Attire: Black bathing suit!

Description: Open Bar. Enough said. This Pool Party will be EPIC!

Masquerade Ball

Attire: Formal Attire and Mystery Mask required

Description: Eyes Wide Shut... Bring the mystery, mystique and mischief. You can make your own mask or buy one but all are required to wear a mask for this magical evening as we dine in delight.

UCE House Party Pajama Jam

Attire: 90’s Pajamas

Description: From high-top fades and finger waves to Reeboks, we’re throwing back to the 90’s in this dope pajama jam. Bring out the silk boxers while we groove to Silk or Creep with TLC wearing 2 piece pajamas. This party will sure be DA BOMB!

Colors of the Caribbean

Attire: Bright colors/ Casual smart attire

Description: Why not wear the colors of the natives. All bright colors- don’t be dull! Bright yellows, oranges, pinks, greens, etc. BE SEEN!

A Night of Royalty

Attire: Casual smart attire

Description: Wear your favorite "Royal Color" (royal purple, royal blue, gold or platinum or combination of them all)

All “Tied Up”

Attire: Formal attire (Black and White)

Description: We're going to "Tie" all the week's fun together in our famous farewell party! But this time we're saying farewell in style! Wear your favorite black or white outfit or a combination of both colors with a tie! Sexy, lustrous and sassy!

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