ESA Reading Club

Building Literacy Skills and Boosting Reading Confidence

What is Reading Club?

The Reading Club at Envision Science Academy meets during the school day for the purpose of teaching students reading strategies, spelling and writing skills, comprehension, fluency, and reinforcing what is being taught in the ELA classroom. Students read books and passages that are at their level and have lessons that are tailored to their literacy needs. Reading Club is by teacher recommendation only.

Awesome Readers Read A Lot & Know Their Strategies!

When readers come to a word that they do not know, they can use several strategies. I review these strategies regularly with my students in Reading Club, and you can, too:

1. "Chunk it" (break the word apart such as in-to)

2. Sound it out.

3. Get your mouth ready.

4. Skip it and see what would make sense. Go back and try it again.

5. Use the pictures.

6. Always make sure that what you are reading makes sense! If not, go back and re-read.

Are You Using Raz Kids?

Did you know that ESA has a license to use Raz Kids? Raz Kids is an online reading program that provides passages geared towards your child's reading ability. Each passage is followed by comprehension questions, which help parents and teachers assess whether or not your child understands what he reads. Please contact me or your teacher if you do not have access to Raz Kids or you need help in any way. Start using it today!