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Warren Johnson Hyde Park, New York: Work Ethic and the Team

There is something to be said for the value of a strong work ethic. It is the most important element in the story of what has made this country great. There are many people who are driven for many reasons to perform in their line of work. Work ethic is what gets them to their goals. Some people enjoy working independently, and others enjoy working in a team. The team dynamic is both individual and collective at the same time. It is an interesting construct of modern day workplaces. Teams need strong players to perform well. There are a number of features which will help people discover those individuals who are likely to perform well within a team.

The first thing to look at is whether a person is reliable. They get their work done and do their fair share of the work, meeting commitments along the way. When assignments are followed through in a consistent manner, the value to the team is immense. A good team player will also communicate constructively. Within any group, you will find people that express thoughts and ideas in a way that is honest, direct, and clear. Great communicators will also respect the work of others and the team. Making a point in the course of the workday is valuable, but when done in a positive manner, the value is much greater. A great team member will also listen actively. There is plenty of information to absorb, consider and understand in almost any situation. This becomes very critical in a work environment as it allows for the meaningful dialogue to take place. Commitment to the team, being flexible, solving problems, supporting others, and being active are other important team qualities. Warren Johnson, who resides in Hyde Park, NY is a consulting professional that has worked on many teams over the years. He takes pride in his ability to solve problems and exhibit his best work attributes.