The Five Foundations

Jenna Kaufman

Save a $500 Emergency Fund

A emergency fund allows you to have money available for any surprise expenses. It is important because if you do not have money saved for these expenses, debt will start building up.

Get Out of Debt

Debt is never a solution to a problem, it only creates more problems. Pay off your debt as soon as possible because it will only keep growing.

Pay Cash for Your Car

Instead of borrowing money for your car and going into debt, pay cash using the sinking fund approach by saving money each month. You can also start with a less expensive car and build up you savings so you can afford a more expensive vehicle.

Pay Cash for College

Use the sinking fund approach too start saving for college earlier.The more you save ahead of time, the less you will end up going into debt.

Build Wealth and Give

To build wealth you must start now because it takes discipline and is not a sprint. It is important to be able to grow your wealth and also be able to give to charity