WCS Community Stakeholder Bulletin

Winter 2023

Dear WCS Stakeholder,

This quarterly newsletter is great place to find out what is going on within the Warsaw School's strategic plan and how you can get involved!

Recently, the WCS Strategic Planning pillar teams participated in the annual Strategic Plan Retreat and have been working hard planning the 2022-23 strategic planning initiatives. Pillar teams' updates can be found below.

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Pillar teams meet monthly to continue making progress on their implementation plans.

Updates, celebrations, and roadblocks will be shared through this quarterly newsletter to keep internal and external stakeholders informed.

Stay tuned for the exciting work ahead!

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We believe: Our students will compassionately consider the lives of others;

They will acknowledge others’ feelings, emotions, and experiences as valuable

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Quarterly Update

Empathy "In Action"

Edgewood's annual food drive is one building's way of demonstrating empathy in a big way!

This food drive makes a huge impact on the WCS families who benefit through their partnership with Combined Community Services (ccs), Our Father's House, & Beaman Home. Way to go Edgewood!

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We focus on helping our students grow, develop grit, learn to adapt, and gain lifelong problem-solving skills.

Adaptability benefits our students personally and professionally by encouraging resilience as they surmount challenges we may not have expected even months ago.

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Quarterly Update

The Adaptability Pillar has been working to establish common vocabulary for adaptability terms. They are currently brainstorming how these will be shared throughout the district.

  1. Life Skills: Skills such as, but not limited to, effective communication, teamwork, perseverance, and critical thinking that are needed to meet the challenge of pursuing dreams.
  2. Problem Solve: The ability to recognize and identify problems, consider multiple perspectives, and select and execute a course of action.
  3. Embrace Adversity: A positive emotional response connected to the ability to recognize and capitalize on opportunities presented by challenges or problems.
  4. Productive Struggle: The ability to generate positive outcomes from failures or challenges within the problem solving process. Productive struggle allows groups and individuals to “fall forward” when faced with challenges.
  5. Perseverance: Continuing to problem solve even when faced with failures. Individuals embrace the problem solving process through self-evaluation and goal setting.
  6. Flexibility: A “stance” in which an individual is open to considering other ideas, changing their mind, and engaging in a continuous cycle of improvement.

Adaptability "In Action"

At Gateway, students in Applied Skills set up a snack cart to learn life skills such as marketing, budgeting, hospitality, customer service, and accounting. It is available to ALL Gateway students.

It especially brightens up the day for the MRAP students who can support this business venture and benefit from the snack as well as from the opportunity to build relationships.

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"Our students will thrive academically and socially in a sustainable culture of belonging and empowerment.

Members of Warsaw Community Schools will recognize and honor each other as we celebrate our unique, diverse experiences."

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Quarterly Update

The Inclusivity team received a lot of positive feedback from their first welcome pole at Edgewood Middle School; the pole is inscribed with the word welcome in 24 different languages.

As a result, they are looking for an economical and sustainable way to replicate this project across the district! Andrea Miller, teacher at the WACC, is working with her Gone Boarding students to create the first prototype for the project.

Inclusivity "In Action"

Lincoln Elementary created its very own International Day. This inclusive initiative was driven by the students and allowed them to research and present on a variety of countries (many of them chose countries of their own heritage!) so they could better understand different cultures!
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"Through experiences both inside and outside of the Warsaw community, our students will gain applied skills to confidently pursue goals and successfully advance in their focused pathway. "

We will: connect students with professionals, create a progression of work-based learning, create transparency with Pathway Portfolios, create incentives for students to pursue opportunities.

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Quarterly Update

The Warsaw Area Career Center worked with Mr. Scott Green and his BMIT classes to create a promotional video to highlight current Career Clusters, as well as a variety of offerings and experiences at the WACC. This was very timely as course selection is in full force at WCHS and the WACC.
School News January 20....WACC Video Preview

Experience "In Action"

At the WACC, the Principles of Welding Technology teachers gave their students experience making custom projects for their viewers. They partnered with The Barn 1880 to create a custom sign for a new barn venue with a steel sheet. Welding students are also making horseshoe pumpkins and horseshoe coat racks.

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Warsaw Community Schools

Our mission is to inspire and equip all students to continuously acquire and apply knowledge and skills while pursuing their dreams and enriching the lives of others.