The War of 1812

The War of 1812 help make the U.S.

Causes of the War of 1812

Cause #1- Impressment

Britain and France went to war again in 1803

America declared neutrality and wanted to trade with both

Cause #2- Economic Problems: Embargo of 1807

Jefferson proposed an embargo to avoid war

The "Damn-bargo":

- Embargo Act of 1807- American stopped ALL trade with Europe

- Good result- Kept Amrican ships safe and avoided war

- Bad result- Without European trade, the American ecomomy suffered

Cause #3- "War Hawks" Elected

War Hawk wanted war against Britain

In 1810, new "War Hawk" congressmen from the South and West were elected

-Southern Anger- Britain had damaged their trade with Europe

Cause #4- Native American Attack

Americans viotated the Treaty of Greenville and moved into India land

British troops were still in western forts and armed Indians to attack Americans


War of 1812

• Fighting on the Canadian border:

• British and American navies fought battles on the Great Lakes

• Americans burned the city of York, now Toronto

• Britain tried to invade New York and New England, where Federalists were, but failed

• If Britain succeeded, the North and possibly the entre war would have been lost

• America tried to invade Canada at three locations but failed

• Fighting on the border was a stalemate

Washington, D.C. Attacked

• Fighting around the Chesapeake Bay:

• The British navy moved to the Chesapeake Bay and marched soldiers to Washington, D.C.

• Members of the federal government, including Madison, fled as the British attacked

• The Capitol building and White House were burned


War of 1812 Afermath

• Economy:

• Factories grew during the war and America depended less on Bri6sh manufacturing

• Politics:

• William Henry Harrison and Andrew Jackson became heroes

• The Federalists looked unpatriotic after the Hartford Convention and “died out”