World War One Project

By:Kelsey East

People and Countries Involved In This War

Some of the people involved were some U.S. Marines,Germans,and General John Pershing,who was America's commander-in-chief when America declared war on Germany in 1917. This battle was part of the Allied drive east away from an axis from Amiens to Paris. This was a response to the German Spring Offensive in 1918. The Germans had came very close to breaking the Allied lines, which protected Amiens and Paris. Erich Ludendorff,another person involved in this war,and also a German general's force was strengthened by very many highly experienced German soldiers. These soldiers had once fought in Russia.

When and Where The Battle of Belleau Wood Took Place

The battle of Belleau Wood took occured near the Marne River in France.

Importance of The Battle

There was an importance of this battle. The importance was that it marked how far the Germans would go with effort to conquer Europe. This battle also turned around the momentum into the favor of the allies to defeating the Germans.

Did The Battle Affect The Outcome of WW1

This battle did not affect the outcome of World War One. Overall,I think the battle of Belleau Wood was one of the bloodiest battles fought.