Ida Wells

Fighting for the equality of all African Americans.

Born a slave.

Ida Wells was born a slave on July 16th 1862. Six months after her birth, President Abraham Lincoln came out with the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing all slaves. At the age of sixteen, her parents died of malaria. She later became a school teacher.

Crusader for justice.

Wells campaigned against segregation. She was an active journalist and suffragist. Ida was known for being a leader of an anti-lynching foundation. She investigated lynching and in the process uncovered the lynching of 728 men, women, and children. Ida spent her life promoting racial equality. Her editorials condemned many white establishments. She also owned a printing press which was destroyed because of all the articles she printed, bashing those who fought to keep segregation around.She never gave up no matter how many times she was threatened.

Born a slave, became a hero.

Amazing, American Activist.

Fight for Your Rights.

Ida always fought for what she believed in and I truly respect that. She is an inspiration and a great example of how the progressives helped our country. She fought to make America one. No whites, blacks, Asians, Germans. One race of Americans who can live together and see the freedom of our land.