Guatemala's Land and Climate

  • Guatemala is almost the size of Tennessee
  • About four-sixths is mountainous
  • Earthquakes and hot springs are common in this country
  • Forest cover 2/5 of Guatemala
  • The highlands have warm days and cool nights

Guatemala's Culture

  • The mayan were doing well in what is Guatemala
  • The military controlled the country until 1944
  • 1945 to 1982, leaders attended to help cure Guatemala's social skills
  • Violence isn't rare in the country
  • They have handwoven colorful costumes and textiles

Guatemala's Econamy

  • The econamy is poor
  • Half of thecpopulation lives in poverity
  • Another half worcks in agiculture
  • Guatemala is less devoleped
  • 4/10 of the worckforce is provided by agicultre

7 Day Vacation Plan

Day 1

For your first day you will depart at 11:50 am at Chicago O'hare International airport. Then you will arrive in dallas/fort worth International airport at 2;25 pm. Then you will leave Dallas/Fort worth at 5:15 pm. Then you will arrive in Guatemala City at 8:25. then go to the


this the first day of your vacation in Guatemala. for your lunch you will be eating at Pilandors Café y Candals. then for super you will have Equisrestaurante. for the activity you on the Antigua city tour.


This is the plan for day three. Lunch will be at Pecorino Ristorante. Then supper will be at Friends. And for the fun activity you will be going to Pacaya volcano day trip.


For day four you will be eating lunch at Picasso Stone flame oven. So then for super you will be eating at Italiannis resturanat. then for your activity you will be going on the canopy zipline tour.


The plan for day five is to have lunch at Hacienda de los Sánchez. supper will be at Tua. for your activity you will be going to the xetutal theme park.


Lunch will be at dim sum. supper will be at vintec flights. Your activity will be the xoc park day trip


you will depart at 9:00 am from Guatemala city. you will arrive in Dallas/fort worth at 12:30 pm. you will depart from Dallas/fort worth at 1:55 pm. then you will arrive in Chicago O'Hare at 4:15 pm.

Final Prices

Flight and Hotel: 1,554.51

Meals: 374.00

Activities: 685.9

Total: 2,614.41

Leftover: 4,385.59