Darryl's Portfolio

Sonoma Mountain

Philosophy of education

My progress before I came into Sonoma Mountain was that education was only for people who really wanted it. At the beginning I did not consider myself one of those people, but after attending Sonoma Mountain, I learned all the other opportunities I have available to me. I am now passing English which is mostly the class that is difficult for me. I feel like here at Sonoma Mountain they help me more and explain the topic in ways that I can actually understand it. In English I still seem to struggle but I don’t ask for much help either because I feel confident that I can be independant and do the work on my own.

I agree that a good education can get us far in life and get us good jobs, jobs that earn lots of money so you can support yourself and your family. Education can get you anywhere and make you learn so many new things that you can use later in life, such as geometry. Everything you learn in school gets you somewhere in life; like English such as speaking, writing and reading, or Economics to understand how to manage money and other things in work and life.

I need to learn how to read and analyze the information I’m reading faster because it makes me fall behind from my other classmates. I also need to learn a lot more about the kitchen because I want to be a food, beverage manager. I need to take classes in English, Econ and culinary because they require those three subjects. The reason I need those subjects are because I need to know how to balance money, and how to cook and know terms for the kitchen. I also need to learn the skills of socializing in order to communicate with the customers and cooperate with them.

Affective skills that I need to acquire, besides education, is cooperation, leadership and organization because those are skills that I have trouble with the most. The skill I need to practice the most is organization because I am not organized and I have the most difficult time being organized. The other skill that I need to practice on is leadership because I can’t lead or tell others to do something without feeling insecure.

Changes that I’ve made coming to Sonoma Mountain is improving my grades and recovering credits. I’ve also changed my attitude and the way that I learn because, I learned that the same learning style doesn’t work all the time. Also another thing that I’ve changed is doing my work. I used to not do my work before but now I am doing almost all my assignment on time. I might fall behind on one or two assignments but I still make it up.

My future education goal is to go to the Culinary Institute of Worth Our Weight and then transfer to the Santa Rosa Junior College. I plan on being a food & beverage manager but if that doesn’t go right then I will go into technology and be a game designer. My second plan would be going to the SRJC and then transfer to a tech institute and get my degree in game designing.


My experience in English was really fun because Ms. D always explained to me the assignment in multiple forms until I actually understood it. I found it challenging that sometimes some assignments involved some critical thinking but Ms.D always helped me out by summarizing it and explaining the meaning of the stories. I think what you can do differently is nothing because your teaching style is outstanding. I feel like I've learned a lot more with you than any other English teacher. I feel like something I can do better as a student is do my work on time because I sometimes slack off and turn in my work late.

An assignment I really enjoyed the most was the immigrant histories because I got to learn a lot about other cultures and what they experience when they first came to the U.S. I worked pretty hard on the assignment because it was about immigration and I like to learn a lot about immigration and how others struggled. The directions were to read the article/story and answer the questions. I chose this assignment because I was interested about immigration and how they are similar in experience to my parents.

Another assignment I really liked was The New Colossus poem. This assignment challenged me because I am not a very poetic person, and I usually struggle with using the right words. The directions were to take The New Colossus and alter the words into your own perception of how you really think the U.S.A is. I chose this assignment because it discusses immigrants and how they were not accepted here in the U.S but in reality the U.S doesn’t accept immigrants and make them a lower class.


What I liked the most about history was how Mr. Anderson taught us. I liked his teaching style and explanations to each assignment he gave us. I liked how Mr. Anderson would really engage with the class and explain the topics in so many different scenarios and from different perspectives. Things that I found difficult in history was the critical thinking on some readings and assignments. A topic that I really want to learn is criminal organizations such as how criminals got away with their crimes and how they got caught after a period of time. Mr. Anderson should not change his teaching style because everyone always listens to him because he makes all the topics very interesting and understandable.

An assignment I enjoyed was Humans rights project that had to do with the Syrian crisis. The assignment's purpose was to make us think within the situation and decide what we should do. I followed the directions exactly because we had to think of if we should intervene on the situation or not. It was a little challenging considering that there is always to sides to the argument which is the positives and negatives. I chose this assignment specifically because it shows that we can always learn about both sides of the story and we can also decide what kind of decisions we can make in any situation.


What I liked the most about Economics was the stock market game because we are learning about how to trade stocks and sell stocks as well. We also have been learning about types of businesses and how they benefit the economy, we also have learned about all the economic systems. We've also gone over about minimum wage and how it affects the economy and how all the prices on all the items will go up in price if the minimum wage goes up. I found econ a little challenging because I don't know an of the terms of vocabulary that they use in the economy. The assignment I liked the most was the stock market game because I am learning how to buy and sell stocks with the benefits of feeling like it is real.